Hollyoaks Spoilers: Adam Donovan sleeps with DS Roxy

Adam Donovan DS Roxy

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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Monday 30 - Friday 4 May 2018

It's all kicking off in Hollyoaks this week as Esther Bloom gets ready to leave the village following her big fall out with Jack Osborne and Darcy Wilde.

The cracks begin to show in Prince and Lily McQueen's marriage and a huge secret about the pair is about to be exposed...

As Alfie Nightingale's mental health continues to deteriorate, he asks Yasmine Maalik out on a date - but will it end well?

Viewers and Maxine Minniver will begin to worry whether Adam Donovan is turning into his dad following a violent outburst and an affair!

Zack Loveday turns sneaky next week as he does everything he can to stop Damon Kinsella and Holly Cunningham from reuniting.

Aaaaaand it looks like Ryan Knight is set to escape prison!

Read all the crazy spoilers below...


Hollyoaks Spoilers: Monday 30 - Friday 4 May 2018 - STACKED

Esther Bloom1 of 7

Esther Bloom gets ready to leave Hollyoaks

After things come to an all-time high between Esther, Jack and Darcy Wilde; Esther decides she's ready to leave Hollyoaks.Is this the last we'll see of her?

Lily McQueen Prince McQueen2 of 7

The cracks are beginning to show in Prince and Lily McQueen's marriage

They've only just gotten married but it looks like there's trouble in paradise for Lily and Price next week.While Prince is in Price Slice doing a bit of shopping, he bumps into his mum Goldie and Myra Queen. Being the busy bees they are, they start looking through Prince's basket and are shocked to discover a pregnancy test. He tells them to keep it on the down low but of course, they're McQueen's so we doubt they'll keep the secret to themselves for long. Later Lily and Prince have a huge row and things take a turn for the worse when she tell her husband he's just a "window cleaner".Oh boy…It's not long before Prince's asks Hunter for a lad's night out but his brother's anxiety it's almost revealed when he refuses to go the the bar…

Alfie Nighingale Yasmine Maalik Hollyoaks3 of 7

Alfie Nightingale and Yasmine Maalik go on a date

Alfie's mental health continues to take a turn for the worse when he's convinced there's a meteorite coming to the village. After attempting to encourage Tom Cunningham and Yazz into believing him, they decide to go along with him after they start to worry.Poor Alfie, who has schizoaffective disorder, begins to hear the voices more and more and tells him to be strong and show off in front of Yazz. He later lies to his friend that he doesn't fancy her before coming clean and admitting he feels like he's cheating on his beloved ex-girlfriend Jade Albright. After Yazz reassures him that he needs to live his life, they decide to go on a date but it's not long before he hears those voices again but this time they're more frequent and threatening. As he becomes more and more manic and defensive, Marnie Nightingale begins to worry about him but Sami brushes it off as him being a teenager. Meanwhile upstairs, the voice talks to Alfie and tells him his family hates him.What's next for Alfie?

Adam Donovan DS Roxy4 of 7

Is Adam Donovan turning into his dad?

Next week, viewers will see Adam have flash backs about the robbery and after Darren Osborne accidentally brushes past Adam, he flips out and punches Darren!Has Adam taken to the dark side?Following his actions, it looks like things could be over for Adam and Maxine Minniver after she's terrified about his violent reaction and DS Roxy ends up arresting him. Viewers were left wondering if Adam would cheat on his girlfriend and they were right, instead of taking him down to the police station, DS Roxy takes him somewhere else and they have sex.

Adam Donovan DS Roxy5 of 7

Adam Donovan DS Roxy

Attempting to make things right between Maxine and Adam, Glenn suggests Grace Black take her out for a spa day and the girls end up maxing out both their partner's bank cards. Adam, later meets up with Maxine and apologises before asking her to put her wedding ring back on.Is all forgiven and forgotten?

Ryan Knight6 of 7

Ryan Knight set to kill again?

You'd think after it came out that Ryan killed Amy and tried to kill Tegan that it would all be over but oh, how we were wrong.Next week Farrah Maalik feels that she's at a dead end after she tries to persuade Ryan to reveal where Kim Butterfield is but feels she's getting nowhere. She later visits Tegan to tell her about Kim but the Lomax sister is left devastated as she had no idea about her friend. Tegan then asks Farrah if she can speak to Ryan…Ryan then tells Farrah he'll only tell everyone where Kim is if… she helps him get out of prison! Farrah makes it clear she's willing to do whatever it takes to find Kim as she tells Grace she's planning on helping Ryan escape…It looks like her plans works but viewers will later see Ryan take Farrah to a deserted forest… absolutely nowhere Kim, who is still trapped in the school.What does Ryan have up his sleeve? As Kim is out of food and her injury becomes infected, is all hope lost for her?

Zack Love Damon Kinsella and Holly Cunningham7 of 7

Zack Loveday does all he can to stop Damon Kinsella and Holly Cunningham reuniting…

As Damon tries to get back together with his ex-Holly he sends her a text but Zack, who is well into Holly's stops her from seeing the message. Later, Damon tries his luck again with Holly and asks her out for a drink on her voicemail but Zack sees it and deletes it before she can.Damon later goes over to the Cunningham household but is shocked when he sees Zack and Holly open the door and assumes they've got something going on.Is he right?

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