Hollyoaks spoilers: Who’s the father of Leela Lomax’s baby? It’s definitely not Cameron…

Whoever it is best stay clear of Killer Cameron...

Leela and Cameron Hollyoaks

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Hollyoaks delivered an almighty shocker tonight as it was revealed that Cameron Moore couldn't possibly be the father of Leela's newborn baby.

Just after Leela and Cameron said 'I do', Leela shocked everyone by going into premature labour.

Leela and Cameron Hollyoaks

Luckily, hospital staff worked miracles and baby Daniel survived but will have to fight for his life in an incubator. And as Cameron doted on the newborn baby he thought was his, Leela's sister Tegan dropped the devastating bombshell that Cameron couldn't possibly be the father.

It all came down to a bruise on baby Daniel's leg, that turned out to be an extremely rare birthmark called a Mongolian blue spot, a mark that is common in mixed race babies.

"It is extremely rare for two white parents to have a baby with that birthmark. It's much more prevalent in mixed race babies," Tegan revealed to her sister.

"So I tested Daniel's blood type against Cameron's. Leela, there is no way that Cameron can be Daniel's father."

So who could be the father? And what on earth does this mean for the newlyweds?

The revelation sent Hollyoaks fans into complete meltdown on social media, with some jumping to the conclusion that Zack Loveday or Jesse Donovan must be the father after they got flirty on Leela's hen night.

With a kill count bigger than that of the Gloved Hand Killer - and having just recently finished off Celine McQueen - will Cameron murder AGAIN over the festive season?

We can't wait to find out what happens next. Who do you think is Daniel's father? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter

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