Hollyoaks spoilers: Brody Hudson’s prison visit to Buster Smith

He was sentenced to six years…

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It’s been a while since Buster Smith was mentioned in the village but next week Brody Hudson decided to visit his abuser.

Damon Kinsella's dad Buster first arrived in the village in 2018 but it wasn't long before he set up a football academy and began grooming Ollie Morgan.

The abuse went on for months and it later came to light that Buster abused Brody as a child and also Imran Maalik.

Brody was sentenced to six years in prison in January 2019 and that's the last we saw of him... until now.

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Buster groom was sentenced in 2019 ©Lime Pictures

Next week, after Sienna Blake points out that Brody still feels uneasy with Buster, he decides to visit him in prison – but what will happen?

Meanwhile Lisa Deveraux thinks Martine Deveraux is jealous of her… Later on she’s relieved when Felix Westwood invites her to be his plus one to Scott Drinkwell and Mitchell Deveraux’s wedding.

Elsewhere Mitchell and his fiancé continue to plot to get Walter to attend their wedding – but will they manage to get away with it?

Hollyoaks spoilers: Monday 20th July – Tuesday 21 July 2020


Hollyoaks spoilers: Brody Hudson visits Buster Smith in prison

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The week begins with Sienna telling Brody that things are still unresolved with Buster. Brody decides that enough is enough and attempts to visit his abuser in prison.

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However Buster refuses Brody's request for a prison visit – leaving Brody feeling powerless.

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Sienna decides to take his mind off things by baby-proofing the flat together.

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Elsewhere Martine tells Lisa that she thinks something is going on with Felix – but Lisa assumes she's just jealous.

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Felix asks Lisa to be his plus one to the wedding… Later Martine tells Felix she's not going anywhere until she hears the truth.

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Lisa is left devastated by Felix after he stands her up and the following day she's left distracted…

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After finally receiving a text from Felix, Lisa decides to go to his flat and seduce him.

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Elsewhere Mitchell and Scott invite their friends and family to a 'charity night' – the guests are unaware that it's actually their wedding and they have to use a code so that Walter will attend.

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Mitchell bumps into his brother and sister in the village and asks them to be his maid of honour and best man – what will Celeste Faroe and Toby Faroe say?

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Later as the celebrations are going on, they're interrupted by Walter… Scott begins to doubt whether he and Mitchell will ever be a real couple – he then decides to tell Walter about the wedding.

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Before any of the above here's everything that will happen on Hollyoaks this week...

The week begins with Scott Drinkwell returning from his trip but he’s left devastated when Diane Hutchinson reveals Kyle Kelly has passed away.

The following day Scott's told that his wedding venue has been booked for next week but when he tells his partner Mitchell Deveraux they are left wondering about Walter Deveraux’s attendance… and it gives Mitchell an idea.

hollyoaks mitchell deveraux
Mitchell decides to trick Walter ©Lime Pictures

Elsewhere Nancy Osborne speaks at Kyle’s wake and her words result in Darren Osborne finally opening up to his therapist.

Meanwhile Warren Fox meets his former carer at the children’s home and tells him what Felix Westwood has been saying – how will Cormac react?

Lisa Loveday is left over the moon thanks to Grace Black and Goldie McQueen decides she wants to make a change in her life.

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