Hellish Halloween party games for kids, teens and adults

These easy, free DIY party games will have you cackling with laughter.


by Jessica Anais Rach |


The mummy wrap

Divide your party goers into teams of two and give each team a roll of toilet paper. At the sound of a horn (or a scream) one member must wrap the other from head to toe in loo roll, leaving only the head and arms free. The first 'mummy' to make it to the finish line wins.


Pass the pumpkin

More like musical chairs than pass the parcel, the kids sit in circle passing a mini pumpkin around while some spooky music plays. When the music stops, the person left holding the pumpkin leaves the game. The last man standing wins.

Bobbing for apples

This classic game stirs memories of poisonous apples, and all you need is a shallow bucket filled with water, and some blood red apples. No hands allowed!

Pin the wart

A Halloween twist on Pin the donkey tail, you will need a large picture of a witch with a wart on her nose, a selection of cut-out warts with party goers' names and double sided sticky tape on them. Blindfold, spin and try to get the wart on the witch's nose.

Guess the gore

Fill five bowls with slimy feeling food- cold 'intestine' spaghetti, peeled 'eyeball' grapes, 'jelly' brains, 'fleshy' halved figs and cold baked beans. Blindfold the contestants and the person who guesses the most mystery objects correctly, wins. You may want to provide baby wipes though!

Carve the pumpkin

Give each child a mini pumpkin and a safe carving kit along with designs. The best pumpkin wins! See our guide here.


Murder wink

One murderer is chosen by picking a paper out of a hat. They must subtly wink at their victim, who waits 5 seconds before falling dead. If a person guesses the murderer correctly they win. If they accuse them wrongly, the accused and accuser 'die'.

Pumpkin bowling

Like bowling, but with pumpkins!

Hide and seek

The designated zombie must find the humans and stick a spooky sticker on their victim. The last person hiding wins.

Guess who

Tape a spooky character (think Adams family) on your arriving guest's backs, and get them to figure out who they are by speaking to other party goers. Great for getting sulky teens to socialise!

Pumpkin carving

Give each teen a pumpkin and a safe carving kit along with designs. The best pumpkin wins! See our guide here.


Halloween memory game

Set out a tray of 30 autumnal objects and let party goers study it for 30 seconds. Once you've removed the tray, the person who writes down the most objects, wins.

Alcoholic apple bobbing

Fill a washing up bowl with alcoholic punch and pop in some apples with numbers carved in. Whichever alcohol soaked apple your victim picks up with their teeth, corresponds to the number of blood red shots they must have.

Pass it on ghost story

Make up a scary story and pass it around the circle.

Movie trivia

Print out stills of horror movie scenes and get competing teams to guess the movie.

Pumpkin carving

Give each person a pumpkin and carving kit along with designs. The best pumpkin wins! See our guide here.

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