Harry Potter fans, Mary Poppins apparently worked for The Ministry of Magic!!!

Mary Poppins is apparently tied to the Harry Potter universe - but her story is tragic…

mary Poppins in the Harry Potter universe

by Kayleigh Dray |

JK Rowling captured the imaginations of the entire world when she penned her magical books about Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived.

And, seven books and eight films later, it’s no wonder that plenty of fans are still busy formulating theories about the wizarding world.

However this latest one, which involves Mary Poppins, is DEFINITELY one of the most believable.

If you’ve seen the Disney film, you’ll already know that Mary is the magical nanny who transforms the lives of the Banks Family when she flies into Cherry Tree Lane via an enchanted umbrella.

Sounds a tad Potter-esque, doesn’t it?

Well, now it’s been suggested that, in 1910, Mary was a star employee for the Ministry of Magic - and therefore a member of the wizarding world.


Writing on Reddit, imaginative viewer BiggsyBig explained: “The Ministry of Magic employed Mary Poppins to investigate potential muggle-born wizards, and part of the role is accustoming them and their parents to the weirdness of the wizarding world.”

That seems legit - and it only goes on to make MORE sense from there.

They continue: “She trains them not to speak of their adventures to other muggles - and her denial of their adventures in the chalk drawing that same evening is a demonstration of how to act.”

We guess that explains how her reflection can do whatever it likes in the mirror; it must’ve been, in fact, an enchanted painting - as seen hanging in the hallways of Hogwarts.

The theory is VERY detailed, going on to explain that Mary was (naturally) a Ravenclaw when she was at Hogwarts, with a run of outstanding N.E.W.Ts.

It also suggests that her old friend Bert is a squib, with no magic other than his purchased items from Diagon Alley, such as his chalks and sweeper brushes, to hand.

Which sort of explains why their romance was always hinted at, but never shown on screen; back in those days, we imagine any witch or wizard who chose to marry a squib would have been frowned upon. In a very big way.

The theory also claims that Uncle Albert’s laughing disease really WAS a contagious form of magical illness - and that Michael Banks passes it on to Mr Dawes when he shakes hands with him at the bank (unwittingly causing his death).


So, if all of this is true, then how come Mary is never mentioned explicitly by NAME in the Harry Potter books?

Well, as you may have guessed, her ending is pretty tragic.

BiggsyBig theorises: “Mary Poppins is never mentioned nor seen in Harry Potter canon because she was killed during the first rise of Voldemort, due to her unacceptable fondness for muggles and muggleborns.”


We guess it makes sense; Voldemort hated anyone who went against his plans for ‘pureblood’ wizards - and he did target muggle-born wizards (cruelly labelled as mudbloods) and ‘muggle lovers’ first.

However there is still some hope for Mary, as she lives on in the hearts of every child she worked with during her time at the Ministry of Magic.

They told stories about their ‘magical’ nanny to one another and, over the years, her deeds and abilities were greatly exaggerated.

And this is where it gets really interesting.

BiggsyBig says: “A nanny named P. L. Travers was eventually told the tale and penned a series of children's books about Mary Poppins.”

Mind. Blown.

It’s a practically perfect theory, isn’t it?

Do you think Mary Poppins worked for the Ministry of Magic? Or is this just wishful thinking from fans?

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Read the full theory in all its glory here now.

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