Gogglebox star Sandra reveals wedding plans: ‘We’re going to Vegas!’

Gogglebox's Sandra reveals how The Undateables inspired her wedding plans, as co-star Sandy insists Simon Cowell will be at the hen do (sort of!)

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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Sandra, who is famed for her love of Pot Noodles, rings and hilarious comments on the Channel 4 show, recently revealed to her 66,000 Twitter followers that she has proposed to boyfriend Derek.

And now, in a new interview, she has opened up about her wedding plans.

Surprise surprise, they're just as exuberant and 'out there' as the loveable Gogglebox star herself!

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she explained: "Derek is so shy I'll have to help him down the aisle.

"I would like a big white dress and big white wedding, but Derek wouldn't want crowds, so we'd love to go to Las Vegas, just the two of us, and have Elvis marry us. It could just be us having a laugh.

"I saw 'The Undateables' the other night and they had their wedding there."

We guess this means that her original plan to ask Kate Bottley (aka the Gogglebox vicar) to marry them is off, then.

Meanwhile, Sandra's co-star Sandy is busy planning a raunchy hen do for her best friend.

Sandy commented: "I'm maid of honour and I've got my hat already. The hen do has got to be strippers.

"It will be in London and it's going to be off the hook. Mad tings. I'm going to dress her up in a veil and an 'L' sign and I'm going to handcuff her to a blow-up doll of Simon Cowell."

We really, truly hope that we can somehow wangle an invite to THAT night out - it sounds amazing!



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