Glastonbury: Hilarious photograph of young boy’s encounter with naked hippie goes viral

By Jonika Kinchin.<p>This is the hilarious photo supposedly from Glastonbury Festival gone viral on the web on Sunday morning.

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by Closer Staff |

This young festival go-er appeared to have seen more than he'd bargained for when he happened to be the wrong height in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sadly, this photograph isn't actually from Glastonbury, but was instead tweeted by Paddy Power, and has since been retweeted thousands of times

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Sadly, the photograph isn't from Glastonbury

The lack of tarmac and lack of wellies, mud and rain made us initially suspicious that this was a joke.

The image was initially posted by Joey Devilla on his personal blog 'The Adventures of Accordian guy in the twenty first century'.

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Although slightly disappointing that it's not a Glastonbury original, it will join the ranks of some of the most famous pictures in history, competing with the kiss in Times Square and the dogs playing poker.

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