Forget Miley Cyrus’ twerking- here are the sexiest celebrity dance videos ever

Move over Miley Cyrus, here's the top 10 sexiest celeb dance videos of all time...


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Miley Cyrus may have raised eyebrows with her raunchy dance moves at the MTV VMAs this year, but her twerking doesn't hold a candle to THESE iconic dance videos.

It's time to take a look at the sexiest celeb music videos of all time...

1) Britney Spears: Baby One More Time

The sexy schoolgirl look helped launch Britney Spears into serious stardom, not to mention inspire girls everywhere to don pink fluffy hair bobbles, thigh-high socks and tied up shirts. And not a twerk in sight!

2) Shakira: Hips Don't Lie

Oh boy, we can see her body moving... and there's just something so sensual about bellydancing, isn't there? It's erotic, it's powerful, it's fierce and it's, above everything else, ridiculously sexy.

Much sexier than poking your tongue out and jerking your butt up and down, eh Miley?

3) Beyonce: Crazy In Love

Beyonce takes the lead in this sizzling video, showing us exactly why her body is too bootylicious for us. And it's all thanks to a bitta sass, a bitta thrusting and a little bitta shimmy-shaking. We wish we looked so hot in a white vest and teeny-weeny denim shorts...

4) Jennifer Lopez: Love Don't Cost A Thing

JLo looks hot just driving along in a car, doesn't she? But, to amp things up further, she strips down to her pants and vest for a dance on the beach AND she joins a sexy dance troupe for a little bitta street dancing. What more could you want from a video, eh?

5) Madonna: Vogue

We're not going to sit here and explain to you why Madonna's iconic Vogue video is amazing, because we know you already know. And, if you don't, we can't be bothered trying to explain it to you. It's epic; 'nuff said.

6) Nicole Scherzinger: Baby Love

Oh sure, we could have opted for one of the Pussycat Dolls' videos - but we infinitely prefer Nicole when she's dancing solo. This sexy little number is proof that less is more (and, by less, we mean less people - not clothes. Although that helps too!).

7) Cassie: Me And You

Less mainstream than the others, but still amazing. This feels like a sexy updated version of Flashdance, doesn't it?

8) Mariah Carey: Touch My Body

Can we call this dancing? She moves about a bit, we guess - and it's definitely sexy. And it's infinitely better than anything Miley Cyrus has done, so she makes the list. But only JUST Mariah - you need to work on those moves!

9) Christina Milian: Dip It Low

See that? Christina Milian just twerked - but she didn't make the whole dance about her rapidly twitching butt now, did she Miley? And it proves, once again, that this so-called twerking isn't a new thing. It's just dancing, sexily. Hijacked by youngsters with a need to swap their Disney image for something more adult.

Let's just drop the term and go back to calling it dancing, yeah? Okay.

10) Christina Aguilera: Genie In A Bottle

Before her Dirrty days, Christina Aguilera relied on her innocent good looks and sexed-up Bollywood dance moves to capture the imaginations of her audience - and it worked. Big time. Way to go Christina!

Which music video do YOU think features the sexiest dance routine of all time? Let us know via our Comments Box below, now!

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