First Dates’s Fred Sirieix on family life: ‘Happiness is my kids telling me they love me’

First Dates’s Fred Sirieix has given us his exclusive tips for a 'va va voom' life...

First Dates - Fred  Sirieix

by Kayleigh Dray |

Fred Sirieix has definitely stolen our hearts away on Channel 4’s First Dates.

Full of incredible dating wisdoms, such as, "No man is an island. No matter what people think about themselves, how strong they are, everybody needs someone to cuddle or to give them that little bit of love,” often leave us screening ‘OOH LA LA’ at our telly boxes.

And there’s no denying that the twinkly eyed Maitre'd has proven to be particularly popular with female fans of the show.

Unfortunately for them, however, he’s well and truly taken.

Yup, Fred and his partner Alex live in Peckham with their two children, 11-year-old Andrea and 6-year-old Lucien.

And he literally couldn’t be happier about it, revealing exclusively to Closer that, to him, ‘happiness is my kids telling me they love me’ each day.

To help share his wisdom with the world - not to mention giving us all the chance to feel that ‘va va voom’ moment - Fred has teamed up with Renault Clio to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the car in the UK.

And he's given us an extra-special guide to living a happy and content life in the process.

Are you ready for this?


Let’s break that wisdom down into easy steps, shall we?

Fred Sirieix’s guide to… happiness

1) Be grateful for what you have

Va Va Voom is about the get up and go, it’s about the joyfulness that you feel inside and it’s about appreciating life and being grateful for what you have. It’s about having a smile on your face and just having the energy and the enthusiasm for life.

2) Appreciate the little things

Realise where you are and who you are. Live in the reality and appreciate what’s around you. It’s all about the little things in life, from the moment you wake up, when the birds are singing and you open the window and you have the breeze of fresh air across your face when you’re walking down the street- it’s beautiful and nice.

3) Make time for family and friends

Happiness is hearing your kids tell you that they love you. Having dinner with friends and enjoying it with a nice bottle of wine. These are the things that really nice ways of achieving joie de vivre.

Fred Sirieix’s guide to… etiquette

1) Be polite

The main thing about etiquette is being polite, being kind and making sure you are thinking about other people by putting yourself in their shoes.

2) Set an example

Anthony Joshua is great at the moment, he’s overcome a huge amount that could of led him to prison, so he’s done very well for himself.

Jessica Ennis is also a great role model. She’s achieved so much in sport and in her personal life.

Fred Sirieix’s guide to… travel

1) Hit the road

I’d love to road trip across America, drive down Route 66, across to Nevada to arrive in Las Vegas or Colorado and experience living life as a cowboy for a few days!

2) Go somewhere different

I have some great memories from La Paz. It’s vibrant and so far away from our culture, which makes it really something special.

3) Live in a different country

I love living in London. From here, I can travel to anywhere in the world, whenever I want.

Fred Sirieix’s guide to… career

1) Get your priorities in order

You have to know what you want and work hard at it but you have to be prepared to sacrifice and realise you can’t have it all. If you want to be successful, you have to have your priorities in order but for everything to come together, you’ve got to enjoy what you do and be happy.

2) Be resilient

Resilience is the most important for success. Also, urgency, drive and resourcefulness, because not everything goes to plan so you have to be prepared to find a solution. Be positive because nothing is ‘too much.’

3) Love what you do

I’m happy with what I do. I’ve considered so many different things but I love my job!

First Dates - Fred  Sirieix
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