Emmerdale spoilers: Nicola and Chrissie clash over ‘rapist’ Lachlan

Tempers will flare this week when Chrissie White overhears Nicola King talking about her son Lachlan.

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The whole village is talking following Lachlan’s sexual assault on Alicia and, of course, Chrissie doesn’t know her son really did commit the horrific crime.

Believing her son is innocent, it’s bad news for Nicola when Chrissie overhears her gossiping about Lachlan.

Nicola claims that Chrissie’s car was vandalised because of her ‘nightmare son’, and claims that the women of the village feel uneasy around him.

She says: “Now, she can pretend that she’s protecting her son from the world, but he’s just a YTS rapist and none of the women in the village feel safe with him around.”

It's bad news for Nicola when Chrissie overhears her talking about Lachlan

As always with those situations, Nicola quickly realises that Chrissie is standing behind her and quickly says: “Is what some people are saying, but of course I don’t think that. Quite the opposite.”

However Chrissie isn’t in a forgiving mood and fires Nicola on the spot. She adds that Nicola is a 'disloyal, gobby cow'.

After her sacking it doesn’t take long for Nicola to revert to her original opinion, blasting Chrissie as the 'mother of a sex offender'.

Following her showdown with Nicola, Chrissie finds something on Lachlan’s laptop that probes he’s been lying all along.

These scenes will air on Wednesday on ITV at 7pm.

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