Emmerdale spoilers: Megan and Graham feel the heat…


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Emmerdale spoilers: 28 April to 4 May

Here's everything you need to know about next week's episodes of Emmerdale...

Every week in the Dales is as dramatic as the next.

This week sees Megan and Graham give into their palpable chemistry - but how far will they go, and will Megan be able to stop it from happening?

Elsewhere, Belle loses her grip on her health and Liv's secret starts to unravel inside the Young Offender's institution...


CLOSER Emmerdale spoilers week 18 - STACKED

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What's Liv hiding?

After Tash calls Liv an alchy, she shrugs it off - but Steve has noticed and corners her about her drinking habits. She denies there's anything wrong, but he's not persuaded and Liv is left terrified her secret will come out.

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Aaron and Robert speak to Steve

As Aaron and Robert visit Liv at the institution, they're proud by how well she seems to be dealing with things. But a conversation with Steve leaves them very concerned.

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Belle struggles to keep a grip on her mental health

Belle is distracted by the voices in her head, and she reacts badly when she thinks they are telling her to destroy the alcohol - going completely berserk in the barn.

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Lachlan knows there's something wrong

Lachlan can tell there's something wrong with Belle, and starts to worry when he finds out she's hearing voices again. He and Gerry search for Belle when Lachlan's panic reaches fever pitch.

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Kerry confronts Daz about his secret

Kerry is left reeling from the weight of Daz's secret, and feels burdened - but there's more to come and he offloads the full extent onto her. Kerry doesn't know what to do with the new information. As Bernice catches Daz with a packed bag, she's shocked to think that she might be responsible. Kerry stops him from leaving, but can she help?

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Noah wants to hang out with his older brother

Noah is keen to get to know his older brother better, and he approaches Joe to ask him about where he used to hang out with their dad. But Joe's awkwardness comes across as hesitance, and he storms off on his bike. Joe grabs a mountain bike and goes after him.

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Joe takes a leap of faith

The brothers end up at the edge of a quarry, and they end up sharing their thoughts as they bond. But when Noah dares Joe to jump off the edge, he's stunned when Joe does it on impulse.

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What has happened to Joe?

As Joe plummets into the water, Noah is terrified when he doesn't resurface. Has Joe been killed?

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Frank pushes Megan into the arms of Graham

Frank agrees to help Rishi on his date by feeding him lines through a bluetooth headset. But when Megan catches him whispering, she gets the wrong end of the stick. She becomes even more infuriated as he lies about his whereabouts the next day.

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Megan KISSES Graham

Megan becomes certain that Frank is cheating on her, and chops up his clothes in fury. During her business meeting with Graham, Megan reveals what's going on in her personal life, and neither of them can ignore the electricity. Megan kisses Graham impulsively.

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Megan rushes off

Megan makes a hasty exit after realising what she's done, and begs Graham to keep what happened between them a secret - but someone else is now in on it too...

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Graham proposes to Megan

Poor oblivious Graham gets down on one knee to propose to Megan, revealing that he wasn't cheating at all - he was buying an engagement ring for her.

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Megan can't answer

Unfortunately, Megan is completely torn. What will her answer be?

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