Emmerdale in lockdown: Mandy Dingle tells son Vinny her long held secret

Will he undersand?

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Our favourite soaps have been implementing a number of innovative techniques and cast and crew attempt to accommodate lockdown measures, with Hollyoaks airing old episodeswhile filming is paused and Coronation Street banning older actors from set.

Emmerdale has decided to resume filming, while adhering to strict social distancing measures, as they follow some much loved characters in lockdown.

Jimmy and Nicola King Emmerdale
How are Jimmy and Nicola coping in lockdown? ©ITV

This week it's the return of mother and son Mandy and Vinny Dingle, who discuss Vinny's dad, Paul Ashadale's recent arrival in the village, and Mandy divulges the dark secret that kept them apart.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Nicola King are struggling to see eye-to-eye and tensions are high as Nicola wonders what this might mean for their marriage.

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Emmerdale Monday 15 - Friday 19 June

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Mandy and Vinny are having an unconventional lockdown as they see out coronavirus in the salon, surrounded by hair products and a few beers, but Leyla's locked the fridge with the prosecco in it.

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Over a number of heart to hearts, conversation regularly turns to Vinny's dad Paul, who's recently turned up in the village looking for a relationship with his son, much to Mandy's despair.

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As they rake over the past, Mandy opens up to Vinny about a long-held secret about her relationship with Paul and Vinny finally understands why she's the way she is.

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Over at Victoria Cottage, Nicola and Jimmy aren't coping well being in such close quarters and bicker over Nicola's involvement with her council projects.

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Jimmy is at a loss to know how to help with Nicola constantly complaining about how boring her life is and how much she envies other peoples' lives.

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Meanwhile, an exasperated Nicola begins to realise what stagnating will mean for their relationship and worries about telling Jimmy how she really feels.

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Lisa Riley, who plays Mandy Dingle, said, "It does feel very different to just be working with one cast member. The only lesson I do need to teach myself is putting on eyelashes and fake hair pieces. As otherwise for the first time in Mandy Dingle’s history she will not be wearing false eyelashes, as I can’t put them on myself. For this episode and going forward we are going to be doing our own hair and make up and as I can’t put on the eyelashes we truly will have to scrap them for this episode.

"Also Mandy is renowned for all her fake hair. I can’t put the hair pieces in so they will have to go.

"Mandy is such a busybody she will have seen everyone so probably could be a superspreader so best to lock her down away from the others. The salon is great as they have a shower, a toilet, a microwave - what more do we need! They also have a karaoke machine. Leyla has clearly hidden the keys to the prosecco fridge so although Mandy does arrive with a stock of booze she soon ploughs it away so they run out - so then they want to tap into Leyla’s secret stash."

When is Emmerdale on TV?

Emmerdale has stripped back to two episodes a week: Monday and Wednesday at 7pm.

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