Emmerdale in lockdown: new episodes will see characters deal with coronavirus

It's Emmerdale like you've never seen it before

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We all knew this was coming.

When the UK went into lockdown all the way back in March, the telly world went into overdrive deciding how they were going to make pre-recorded shows last the length of the lockdown while filming was deemed unsafe due to coronavirus.

And even after cutting programming in half, soaps have still been forced to think up ingenious ways to keep producing episodes for their legions of loyal viewers.

While Hollyoaks have been showing favourite historical episodes to fill the gaps and the date for Coronation Street's final episode looms ever closer, Emmerdale have decided to return to filming with strict social distancing measures in place to follow some favourite characters while they navigate lockdown from their homes.

ITV confirmed that they'd be beginning a "phased return to filming with a pared back cast and crew whilst observing the recently published health and safety guidelines for TV productions to resume filming. "

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Emmerdale spoilers Monday 8 - Friday 12 June

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This week will be the first of a special set of episodes that explore how the Emmerdale residents are adapting to life in lockdown, starting with Sam and Lydia and Cain and Aaron.

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Cain and Aaron are forced into close quarters when they end up isolating together. Following the finalisation of his divorce from Moira, Cain refuses to open up to Aaron.

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One day a letter with a prison stamp on it arrives for Aaron and Cain hides it in a magazine, not wanting word from Robert to stir up old feelings.

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But one evening while getting drunk together, Cain lets slip about the letter and Aaron hits the roof. Cain can't remember where he put it and a furious Aaron lays into him about Moira.

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Over at Wishing Well cottage, Lydia and Sam are sick worried with Samson stuck on his school trip. Alone after turfing out Mandy and Vinny, tensions run high.

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Lydia is going stir-crazy as Sam won't let her leave the house at ALL. But after weeks of frozen food for dinner, Lydia orders a click and collect and when Sam finds out he's angry.

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Lydia is shocked by Sam's overreaction, which is out of character for him, and the newlyweds fail to make up, going to bed on an argument. Why is Sam acting this way?

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The series begins with Lydia and Sam Dingle, and actress Karen Blick, who plays Lydia, said, "I felt delighted and it is a real privilege as it feels really momentous. It feels like a piece of television history so I am thrilled to be involved. I spoke with the Executive Producer, Jane Hudson, when they first mooted the idea that these episodes would go ahead. As obviously there has to be really strict, stringent health and safety procedures in place."

Sam Dingle Lydia Dingle
We'll follow Sam and Lydia in lockdown ©ITV

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Before we get stuck into life in lockdown with this lot, here's what's happening this week.

Andrea Tate and Leyla Harding have been plotting to expose Belle Dingle and Jamie Tate's affair and at the pub quiz the scene is set for destruction.

As texts between them flash up on the TV screen for all to see, Andrea flees in tears, pretending it's the first she's known about it.

Later on, Jamie panics when he finds Amelia and their daughter Milly gone.

Elsewhere, Rhona Goskirk and Moira Barton squabble over an order but Nate Robinson thinks he may have the solution.

When is Emmerdale on TV?

Emmerdale has stripped back to three episodes a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm.

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