Emmerdale spoilers: Hannah Barton returns as a man called Matty and FIGHTS Cain Dingle

Emmerdale Holly Barton returns as man

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Moira Barton gets a huge shock when she realises daughter Hannah Barton has returned to the village

We last saw Hannah Barton heading to the Big Smoke in 2016, so imagine mum Moira's shock when she comes home to find her estranged daughter who is now a man.

Sexy soap villain Cain Dingle thinks the hooded male figure is an intruder, but it turns out that Matty used to be Hannah before a sex reassignment operation and is looking for her birth certificate.

How will Moira react to this shocking news? Will she be able to accept Matty?

Meanwhile, Cain's troubles get worse as Simon McManusis back in the village and looking for him.

Emmerdale spoilers: 25 - 29 June 2018


Emmerdale spoilers: week 26

Cain Dingle1 of 20

Intruder alert

A hooded figure breaks into Butler's and starts rifling through drawers. Who is it and what are they after?

Cain is confused2 of 20

Cain is confused

Cain Dingle gets his trusty fists out and knocks the intruder out cold. When he comes round, he tells Cain that his name is Matty. It looks like Matty was looking for Hannah Barton's birth certificate, which leaves Cain confused.

Belle Dingle3 of 20

Daz questions the call

Daz Spencer tells Dan Spencer, Kerry Wyatt and Bernice Blackstock about the ransom call he received.

Tracy Metcalf4 of 20

Tracy gets cleaning

Tracy Metcalf is keen when Eric Pollard mentions he's been thinking about hiring a cleaner.

Moira Barton5 of 20

Moira gets a shock

Moira Barton returns to Butler's and instantly realises that Matty used to be her daughter, Hannah Barton.

Daz Spencer6 of 20

Kerry confronts Daz

Dan implores DS Benton to go after Daz over missing Amelia Spencer. A desperate Kerry finds Daz and lashes out, imploring him to tell her where Amelia is. But does he know?

Jai Sharma7 of 20

Jai confronts Lachlan

Jai Sharma gets involved in Belle and Lachlan's business and confronts Lachlan, who struggles to lie his way out of Jai's accusations.

Pete Barton8 of 20

Date night

Pete Barton encourages Ross Barton to book a posh restaurant for his date with Rebecca White while he plans to charm Rhona Goskirk's mates.

David Metcalf9 of 20

David snogs Tracy

Tracy ends up cleaning with David Metcalfe and one thing leads to another...

Belle Dingle Lachlan White10 of 20

Anonymous texts

Belle Dingle tells Lachlan White he needs to get over his jealousy as they make up after he fights Jai Sharma. But soon, Lachlan receives a threatening anonymous text, then another one the following day. Who is texting Lachlan?

Rishi Sharma11 of 20

Rishi tries to woo Helen

Rishi Sharma has been trying to impress Helen - but is he having much luck?

Matty Barton12 of 20

Matty's revelation

Matty tells Moira that he's been living in Manchester after a sex reassignment operation.

Moira Barton13 of 20

What happens next?

How will Moira react to this shocking news? Will she accept Matty and his choices?

Simon McManus14 of 20

Simon is back

Moira is horrified when Cain admits that Simon McManus is back in the area, but he reassures her he's going to get rid of him.

Helen and Rishi Emmerdale15 of 20

Office wars

Jai and Rishi have a war of words over Helen in the office.

Rhona Goskirk16 of 20

The end for Rhona and Pete?

At the Woolpack, Rhona proudly introduces her friends to Pete, but he can tell they're underwhelmed. Could this be the end for Rhona and Pete?

Dain Dingle17 of 20

Cain is knocked out

Cain is busy working on a car when out of the blue he is hit to the floor.

Simon and Cain Emmerdale18 of 20

What happens to Cain?

We then see a bloodied and bruised Simon, about to hit Cain with a spanner once again. Uh oh.

David Metcalf19 of 20

Back on?

The day after their 'clean out' David is hopeful about Tracy, but will she feel the same?

Simon McManus20 of 20

Simon's next move

What is Simon going to do to Cain? We cannot cope.

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