Emmerdale spoilers: Is it the end for Lawrence and Bernice Wright’s marriage?


Emmerdale spoilers

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Emmerdale viewers were left heart broken last night as Bernice White accepted her marriage to Lawrence White was over before she made her way to the airport.

She had a cunning plan to finally discover where Lawrence’s heart was at as she arranged for him to meet Ronnie Hale at a hotel.

In a heart-wrenching encounter between Ronnie (John McArdle) and Lawrence (John Bowe), Ronnie admitted he still loved Lawrence even after all this time but he decided that he wanted to remain with Bernice.

Emmerdale spoilers

However, Bernice (Samantha Giles) had already left.

Is it too little too late for Lawrence?

It is clear that he loves both Ronnie and Bernice, but all the thoughts running around his head will prove too much for him.

The distressing situation will cause him to lash out, throwing Lachlan and Chrissie out of Home Farm and even holding Ronnie at gunpoint.

As things continue to go in a downwards spiral, he will even turn on Bernice.

Emmerdale spoilers

But, will he later be made to regret these decisions?

The answer is yes, as he will be shot by Lachlan in a surprise twist.

But Bernice fans – do not fear!

She will be soon be returning to the farm, but will she wish she had stayed away when she comes back to the carnage that Lawrence is creating?

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