Emmerdale Spoilers: Is Emma’s killer secret about to be revealed by a HAMSTER??

Arthur Laurel Doug Lydia Emmerdale

by Katy Brent |
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Has Emma Barton's luck run out in Emmerdale? Find out below. Contains spoilers - obviously.

Emma Barton has been carrying quite the guilty secret since bumping off James last year. But, by the Law of Soap, no crime goes unpunished and it was just a matter of time before her murderous ways were uncovered. But who would have thought that a hamster would be involved??

Arthur Laurel Doug Lydia Emmerdale
Is a hamster about to reveal the truth about Emma? (credit: ITV*) ©ITV

Next week, Laurel and Doug are worried when Arthur starts avoiding school. Lydia agrees to give the lad some bereaveent counselling, but half way through the session she gets a fright when she sees a 'rat'.

The rat turns out to be Arthur's escaped hamster, Rattles. Arthur is distraught as he searches for his pet, worrying it will die like Ashley did.

Arthur Lydia Emmerdale
Lydia gives Arthur grief counselling (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Laurel suggest they watch some videos of Ashley to calm Arthr down. But just as Rattles reappears, the implicating footage of Ashley and Emma plays out on screen...

Is the game up for Emma?

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