REVENGE! Debbie plans the ULTIMATE PAYBACK on Joe Tate in Emmerdale


by Tess Lamacraft |
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Duped Debbie wants revenge on her ex-lover and she’s got a TERRIFYING plan!

You don’t mess with Debbie Dingle and expect to get away with it as Joe Tate is about to discover.

Next week the deceitful businessman, who has robbed Debbie of her home and job and lured her into starting a relationship with him, is terrified when the defiant Dingle prepares to do her worst.

Debbie's got petrol and she's not afraid to use it ©itv

Chris Tate’s son is startled when he walks into his new gaff, Home Farm and finds a snarling Debbie waiting for him and quickly deduces it’s not just a cuppa and a chat she’s there for.

The scheming Tate is alarmed when she tells him she has rigged the entire house up with petrol canisters and is preparing to send his home up in flames with the flick of a switch. She always was handy at fixing stuff!

She's rigged up the electrical circuit to cause one helluva blaze ©itv

However, as a raging Debbie continues to rail at Tom, Cain and Ross, who know where she’s gone, suddenly pitch up. Will they manage to convince Debbie that scumbag Joe isn’t worth being banged up for?

However the Dingles aren’t finished with Joe quite yet. Later on when the entrepreneur is out jogging in the woods, he’s terrified to come face to face with a masked-man who aims a shotgun straight as his head. YIKES!

As a scared Joe legs it and goes scrambling through the forest he goes flying when he hits a trap wire. He manages to scrabble to his feet but as he starts running again he suddenly falls headlong into a hidden pit that’s been covered with moss. (These woodlands are seriously hazardous aren’t they?!)

Joe's jog is rudely interrupted by a man waving a gun ©itv

As he yells for help it’s clear the gunman has no intention of helping him and is planning to leave him there to rot. However Joe later hears footsteps approaching and sees Ross’s face peering down at him.

Joe makes a dash for it but soon falls into a trap ©itv

Will Emmerdale’s badboy be his lifeline? And who exactly was the gunman in the mask? Place your bets!

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