Emmerdale spoilers: Debbie Dingle confesses to Ross Barton acid attack

Debbie Dingle Emmerdale confession

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Emmerdale spoilers: 4 - 8 June

Debbie Dingle's secret is finally out in Emmerdale

She's had plenty of opportunities to tell all, but it's Pete Barton who finally provokes her to confess to the acid attack on his brother Ross Barton.

Debbie is left out in the cold after 'fessing up to her family, and little Sarah Sugden doesn't even want to look at her mum's face. Will Debbie get a chance to redeem herself and make amends with her own daughter?

It's going to take something super big for this one, Debs.


Emmerdale Spoilers: June 4-8

Debbie Dingle1 of 22

Will the truth come out?

Debbie is scared of what will happen if Pete Barton reveals the truth - which it seems like he might.

Doug Potts has been tricked2 of 22

Tricky times for Doug

Terry tells Doug Potts that he is suing him. Doug pleads with Terry not to go through with it but nothing changes. Soon, Doug sees Terry sleeping in his car and offers him a free room in the B&B. We have a bad feeling about this.

Dianne Sugden Emmerdale3 of 22

Surprise lodger

Diane Sugden and Eric Pollard also question this, but Doug assures them that Terry can be trusted (bless him).

Ross Barton4 of 22

Ross gets a date

Ross Barton has set up a lunch date with Rebecca White - Victoria Sugden is all for it, but Pete is skeptical.

Ross Barton5 of 22

Rebecca is a no-show

Ross storms out when Rebecca doesn't turn up.

ross kisses dawn6 of 22

Ross's instant rebound

Naturally, he very quickly finds another woman to kiss in the form of Simon McManus's mate Dawn.

Ross Barton7 of 22

Rebecca gets upset

When Rebecca arrives with Victoria Sugden, Rebecca realises that Ross and Dawn have snogged and she feels hurt. Not cool, Ross.

Vanessa8 of 22

Ross retaliates

After realising the hurt he's caused Rebecca, Ross goes off on one and lashes out at whoever crosses his path. Crikey.

debbie tells the truth9 of 22

Debbie comes clean

In the Woolly, Pete publicly confronts Debbie, telling her that it was her who ruined Ross's life. Chas makes Debbie come into the back room, where she tells Chas and Sarah that she was involved in Ross's attack, leaving the pair horrified - as you'd most probably expect.

Doug Potts Emmerdale10 of 22

Case closed?

Terry agrees to drop the case - hurrah. There is some justice in the world...for now.

Sarah has no time for Debbie11 of 22

Things get even worse for Debbie

Faith Dingle tells Debbie that her daughter Sarah Sugden doesn't want to see her, which upsets her. Debbie comes clean to Charity Dingle and Vanessa Woodfield that she was behind the acid attack. Eek.

Terry takes advantage of lachlan12 of 22

Terry does more scheming

Lachlan White gets worried when Liv Flaherty shows Terry a hand drawn comic of dead Gerry Robert's. Lachlan asks Terry to give it up, but Terry, sensing Lachlan's vulnerability, keeps hold of it.

Terry does more awful things13 of 22

Terry is still being nasty

When Doug discusses some of the details of the funeral with Terry, he tries to wriggle himself out of giving the eulogy. Lachlan is determined to get the comic back from Terry's room, but the question is will he manage to get the incriminating work back?

Paddy Kirk14 of 22

What has Chas found out?

It's a tough time for Chas, who has spotted something wrong with the baby at a scan. She's hoping it's a misdiagnosis and struggles to cope when Paddy talks about their baby.

Megan Macey and Graham Foster15 of 22


Tracy Metcalfe and Megan Macey are uneasy when Frank Clayton arranges to play a game of darts against Graham Foster. What harm can a game of darts do? Hmmm, let's wait and see.

Charity Dingle16 of 22

Sarah isn't Debbie's biggest fan RN

Faith brings Sarah round to try and get her to speak to Debbie - but Sarah is having none of it. She blames Joe Tate for turning her mum into a horrible person. Poor thing.

Debbie Dingle Ememrdale17 of 22

Debbie no friends

Suffice to say, Debbie is no-one's favourite person at this moment in time.

Lachlan18 of 22

Poor, naive Doug

Back to sweet little Doug, and he tells Lachlan how he's sold his car to raise some money to try and help out Terry. Some people just do not deserve the kind things we do for them.

Chas Dingle and Paddy kIRK19 of 22

Will Chas tell Paddy what's happened?

Chas has spent hours painting the nursery but is overcome and breaks down once she's alone. She panics when Paddy suggests they should book a 4D scan of the baby. Can she hide her reluctance? And what exactly has she been told about the baby?

Megan Macey and Graham Foster20 of 22

Graham's games

When Megan accidentally gets locked in the toilet. Graham is soon on hand to help her out. What can be sexier than a pub loo, right?

Terry Woods Emmerdale21 of 22

Day of the funeral

Soon it's the day of the funeral and as it commences Doug tells Terry he has left his money in his room. Terry backs out of giving his eulogy and bolts for the door, leaving it to Doug to deliver the eulogy.

Terry Woods22 of 22

Terry does a runner

But Diane is suspicious of Terry's hasty exit - she has every right to be, because Lachlan confronts Terry as he is about to do a runner with the cash. How will this end?

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