Emmerdale spoilers: Chrissie White MURDERED by Andy Sugden?!

Andy's storyline will come to an all-time climax this week.

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Andy Sugden has not had it easy. They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Chrissie White is definitely a scorned woman.

After she found out Andy cheated on her with Bernice Thomas, she wanted revenge. And then her son Lachlan shot his grandfather Lawrence, so Chrissie decided to pin the blame on Andy.

Andy has since been arrested for attempted murder, but we've recently seen Andy – with the help of his solicitor Rakesh Kotecha - escape from jail.

After asking Chrissie to go on the run with him, he later found out that she has been the person setting him up for attempted murder.

And in scenes yet to air, we will see Chrissie and Andy go head to head as the police continue to search for Andy.


In new pictures released by ITV, we see Andy running through the woods looking scared after finding out about Chrissie setting him up.

But will he be on the run for a murder he actually committed?

Emmerdale Andy

Previously Andy attempted to shoot his brother Robert after he found out he had slept with his fiancé Katie Sugden.

And after finding out that Robert killed Katie after she found out he was having an affair, Andy beat his brother up.

Kelvin Fletcher - who plays Andy - appeared on Loose Women recently and hinted that he could be going to prison. He said: "I've been framed for an attempted murder that I didn't do.

"It looks like I'm going to be framed and there's a chance I'm going to go to prison. And the evidence is so heavily stacked against him, that there's a real chance that he's going to go down for this."

Emmerdale Andy

Kelvin has been in Emmerdale for 20 years and after reports of him leaving the show to pursue his career in rally driving arose, he said: "I wouldn't want to confirm nor deny those rumours because I don't want to ruin it for the viewers and what's going to be for the next couple of weeks where the storyline comes to a head, so I don't want to give too much away."

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