Emmerdale spoilers: Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk say goodbye to baby Grace

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It's a painfully sad week in the Dales as the village says goodbye to Chas and Paddy's baby

After their newborn daughter died just moments after they first held her in their arms, Paddy Kirk and Chas Dingle have to bury little Grace.

Before the funeral, Cain Dingle finds Chas and becomes concerned that she's not ready to let go of her daughter. But Paddy soon comes to find her and the couple are overwhelmed by the support of the villagers when they step out to lead the procession. (They're a good bunch, really...)

Meanwhile, some much needed light relief can be found in Bernice Blackstock. She's caught out with Dr Cavanagh by Kerry Wyatt and Jimmy King. Kerry is, of course, not happy and she demands Bernice tells Daz Spencer what's going on. But will Bernice finish things with him?

Elsewhere, Debbie Dingle has shocking news in prison, Victoria Sugden rejects Ellis Grant, and Ross Barton asks Rebecca White if she wants to leave the village.

Just another quiet week in the Dales then, eh?

EMMERDALE SPOILERS: Monday 22nd October - Friday 26th October 2018


Emmerdale spoilers: Monday 22nd October - Friday 26th October 2018

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Chas and Paddy say an emotional goodbye

It's an incredibly sad week as Paddy Kirk and Chas Dingle bury their baby daughter Grace.

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chas dingle

Cain Dingle is concerned that Chas has lost faith in her daughter's send off, as she confides in him that Paddy has taken care of all the arrangements.

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chas dingle

But Paddy comes to get Chas and they head out to say goodbye to their little girl. They are overwhelmed to see the villagers lining the street, then make the painful walk towards the church.

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What on earth has Leyla been up to?

Leyla Harding grabs her bag, but the contents spill out which include a wad of money and some jewellery. A shifty Leyla hurriedly stuffs it all back in before anyone sees Hmm, how has she got her hands on all that?

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Laya Harding Emmerdale

Megan Macey and Leyla are shocked when they find a mysterious woman, Suzie, ransacking the house but Leyla appears to know who she is.

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Laya Harding Emmerdale

Suzie grabs Leyla's handbag and a load of jewellery spills out. Suzie declares Leyla stole them along with her fiancé, Clive. An angry and defeated Leyla relents and gives Suzie the jewellery and Suzie leaves.

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Shock fiance?!

As Leyla protests her love for Clive, Megan and Vanessa Woodfield share an exasperated look.

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Leyla Harding

The next day, Leyla tells Vanessa she is determined to move on from Clive and concentrate on her career but at Take a Vow, Megan is fuming when clients start cancelling due to Susan's scathing review.

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Leyla Harding

Leyla laments over Clive but then is angry at herself for believing he loved her. When Clive suddenly appears and begs for a chance to explain things. Leyla is torn but will she forgive him?

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Poor Lydia

Lydia Hart is missing from Grace's funeral...

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lydia hart emmerdale

She breaks down to Sam Dingle, telling him why she didn't attend the burial.

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Bernice up to no good

At the salon, in a bid to raise some extra cash, a scheming Kerry Wyatt takes secret tanning bookings behind Bernice Blackstock's back.

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jimmy king

As she prepares Jimmy King for a spray tan (yes, really), they hear the door unlocking and hide in the spray tent.

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bernice blackstock

Bernice and Dr Kavanagh enter, begin kissing and she drags him upstairs.

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bernice affair emmerdale

Later, a traumatised Kerry and Jimmy arrive in the Woolpack to see Daz Spencer already there. They are shocked to realise Bernice must have been with another man...

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kerry wyatt

The next day, Kerry decides that she needs to confront Bernice. Will her affair be outed and will it end in heartbreak for poor Daz?

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Will Ross and Rebecca leave?

Ross Barton and Rebecca White talk about the bad things that have happened to them whilst being in the village (prepare for a loooong night). When Ross suggests that they leave the village, Rebecca is surprised and wonders if he is serious. Is Ross serious and if so can Rebecca be convinced to join him?

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Dark times for Debbie

Debbie Dingle is left speechless when her solicitor tells her that she has been given bail and can go home but alarmed to hear that she could be looking at five years in prison.

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Cain's secret

Moira Barton is frustrated when Cain won't answer any of her questions as to where he's been and what's going on with Graham. Foster. He does dark and mysterious so well, right?

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Ellis Grant is privately stung when Victoria Sugden tells him she isn't looking for a serious relationship with him.

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Troubled Leo

Little April Windsor tells Rhona Goskirk and Marlon Dingle the reason Leo Goskirk is being left out at school is because he keeps hitting the other kids and gets special treatment. Jessie Grant and Marlon suggest moving Leo to a specialist school but Rhona insists she is not moving him

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Samantha Giles talks to Closer

bernice emmerdale

Emmerdale actress Samantha Giles, who plays Bernice Blackstock, says it's been "great fun" working with Jonny McPherson, who plays the handsome Dr C. She tells us: "He has a daft sense of humour like me, so I'm very lucky as we do laugh a lot. Jonny seems very posh but actually he has a mouth and a mind like Kenneth Williams! I do think Bernice and Liam have a lot in common; she likes to be treated romantically and wooed."

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