Emmerdale: Priya Sharma and Al Chapman nearly caught with their pants down – literally

But will it pay off?

Priya Sharma Al Chapman

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With their sexual tension impossible to ignore, Al Chapman and Priya Sharma take a serious risk when they get hot and heavy at work.

But when they're very nearly caught, will they decide to keep things purely professional?

Elsewhere, Eric Pollard warns Brenda Walker to get rid of any incriminating evidence which might proves she's responsible for Dan Spencer's illness - but Mandy Dingle is determined to get revenge for her new beau.

Emmerdale Eric Pollard Brenda Walker
Brenda and Pollard visit Dan in hospital ©ITV

When she goes rifling through the café's bins, what will she find?

Cain Dingle tells Will Taylor that he's going to put a stop to corrupt DI Malone once and for all - and that Will needs to pick a side now.

Who will Will choose?

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Eager to keep the peace between everyone, Pollard brings Brenda to the hospital to see Dan after last week's turn and Dan agrees that lumping blame on her won't help anything.

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Unbeknownst to Dan, Pollard has told Brenda to make sure she clears away all evidence of her involvement in Dan's condition.

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Later Mandy arrives at the hospital and tells Brenda that she won't get away with what she's done to Dan. Will Brenda get back to the café in time?

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A determined Mandy rifles through the café bins and jumps up, declaring she's found incriminating evidence to prove that Brenda put Dan in hospital.

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Meanwhile, Wendy props up the bar at the Woolpack and tells Bob that if he's so sure her plan to get Victoria and Luke back together won't work, then he should come up with his own.

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At the Sharma & Sharma offices, things are heating up between Priya and Al and they're soon getting hot and heavy on the desks.

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But they're soon interrupted. The next day, Priya is adamant that they should keep things professional, but have things already gone too far?

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Elsewhere, Cain explains to Will that he's got a plan that will stop Malone once and for all and that he needs to pick a side.

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When Malone next approaches Will for a job, Will lies and says Cain and Billy are still on board. But after Malone leaves Will finds himself having a panic attack, worried how he's going to get out of this one.

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When Cain finds out from Billy that Will has stolen the 4x4 they'd been keeping to use against Malone, he's deadly serious when he says that Will has now signed his own death warrant.

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Now let's catch up on what's happening this week...

Spring is just around the corner, which for those in Emmerdale is somehow a sign of passion, as many characters are positively dizzy with feelings of the amorous type, starting with Belle Dingle and Jamie Tate.

After the pair slept together on the night of Graham Foster's murder, despite Jamie being married, there's some form of "spark" between them which they're unable to ignore, and when they find themselves in a field, their lips lock once more.

Emmerdale Cain Dingle Will Taylor
Cain meets Will in the pub for an important conversation ©ITV

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Meanwhile, Jamie's wife Andrea Tate is back at home waiting for him, dressed in her finest lingerie. And when he returns home, his missus is clearly up for it, and the poor guy has no choice but to gear himself up for round two…

Elsewhere, the day of the joint christening for Emmerdale’s youngest arrives, and it’s a big day for Victoria Sugden. The kind-hearted gal goes over to give Wendy Posner a big squeeze when she sees how upset she is about the son she’s lost (albeit rapist son).

Later on, when Vic’s back at her gaff with Luke Posner she asks him if he fancies an “early night” - yikes. The boy’s on cloud nine, but surely this level of happiness can’t last long in Soapland…?

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