Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron learns the shocking truth about Gordon’s wife Sandra

emmerdale spoilers

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**Next week Aaron Livesy will track down his stepmother Sandra and sister Liv, in his hunt for evidence against dad Gordon. **

Viewers have already seen Aaron [Danny Miller] make the heartbreaking confession that Gordon [Gary Mavers] raped him as a child – and it’s going to be revealed Sandra knew all about the abuse.

emmerdale spoilers
Emmerdale ©ITV

Liv witnesses Aaron getting angry with her mum

Danny, 25, told Radio Times: “At this time, Aaron is feeling paranoid. And when he sees how shocked Sandra is to see him, Aaron works out that she must have known all about Gordon. And that she’s in denial for fear of incriminating herself. Sandra could go to prison because she’s been complicit by staying silent.”

Frustrated Aaron can’t stop himself from getting angry, and Liv unfortunately sees him grab Sandra as he demands the truth.

Sandra insists she knew nothing of Gordon’s sick abuse and, despite Aaron being unconvinced, he decides to drop the case against his dad, concluding that he’s hit a brick wall.

emmerdale spoilers
Emmerdale ©ITV

The police finally have enough evidence to charge Gordon

But, in a shocking twist of fate, DS Wise later reveals he has news he believes will come as a relief to the troubled mechanic: someone else has come forward and claimed Gordon also sexually assaulted them – meaning they finally have enough evidence against his dad. However this just gives Aaron more to worry about.

Danny continued: “The police are giving Aaron what they think is good news by telling him they now have enough evidence to charge Gordon. But Aaron is panicking that the victim is his sister. it’s a real worry. But the police then clarify that it’s a man who’s spoken out.”

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