Emmerdale Spoiler: Is Emma Barton about to strike again?

Emma Barton Emmerdale

by Katy Brent |
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Is Emmerdale killer Emma Barton about to strike again after Faith Dingle's psychic night?

Since Emma Barton pushed poor James to his death from a motorway bridge last year, fans have been wondering if the unhinged killer would strike again. Emma has been feeling guilt about ending James' life and finally asked for forgiveness in church, before hearing a crashin noise, suggesting someone overheard her killer confession.

Emma Barton Emmerdale
Is Killer Emma about to strike again? (credit: ITV*) ©ITV

When Faith Dingle announced she could chat with the spirits and that she was holding a psychic night in the pub, Emma went into freefall -convinced that Faith would reveal the truth about James.

In tonight's second visit to the Dales, the psychic night comes to an abrupt end when a hysterical Emma is ushered out by Pete and Ross.

Emma Barton Faith Dingle Emmerdale
Can Emma really kill Faith? (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Chas exposes Faith as a liar with the revelation of Edna’s diary. Emma’s terrified by what else Faith might have revealed and having clocked a broken brick on the ground, she picks it up and approaches Faith. Remember when Cameron Murray found a brick on the ground? IT didn't end well for Carl King...

Will Emma go through with her plan?

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