The mystery of the woman in the barn has been revealed in Emmerdale

And no, she isn't Andy Sugden

Emmerdale Faith Dingle Sarah Sugden

by Katy Brent |
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Emmerdale fans have only had one question on their lips this week - who in the name of Dingle is the mystery woman in the barn? Last night they got their answer as the furtive female was revealed to be none other than Faith Dingle - Cain and Chas' estranged mum.

That wasn't the only shocker for the Dingle clan either. Faith soon revealed that she was the mystery benefactor of the £20,000 that was donated to Sarah Sugden's treatment fund.

Emmerdale Faith Dingle Sarah Sugden
It was Faith Dingle all along (credit: BBC) ©BBC

While Emmerdale have been working hard to keep Faith's identity a secret, the reveal wasn't a huge shock to many fans who had already guessed who she'd turn out to be.

Here's a little potted history of Faith.

1. She was last seen in The Dales back in 2004.

...she was played by Gillian Jephcott then.

2. She was married to Shadrach but had an affair with Zak

...aka Cain's biological dad.

3. Last time we saw her, Cain didn't want her getting to know Debbie

...will he change his mind now?

4. She is Sarah's mystery benefactor

...or is she? Hmmm?

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