Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet Finch seeks absolution for her sins

But Will Taylor gets in the way

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Harriet Finch has decided to turn herself into the police for the murder of D.I Malone, prepared to face both the mortal and divine consequences for her sins.

But Will Taylor convinces D.I Swirling that her confession is the result of her mental illness, and with Harriet's revelation thwarted, she seeks to absolve herself through other means.

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Meanwhile, Faith Dingle can't help but notice that Mackenzie Boyd acts strangely when asked about his mother and wonders what dirt she can dig up, but soon Cain Dingle has pipped her to the post.

Vinny Dingle's distrust of Paul Ashdale continues to grow as his wedding to his mum Mandy draws nearer, but will he confront him?

Charity Dingle signs over the pub to Marlon Dingle and Jimmy King still doesn't know he's being watched...

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Emmerdale Monday 15 - Friday 19 March

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Harriet is delirious with guilt and turns herself in to the police for the murder of D.I Malone. But as she rants and raves incoherently about a body, Will steps in and manages to convince D.I Swirling that she's talking about the exhumation and that she's not well.

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Following her foiled attempt to come clean, Harriet goes missing from the village and Will tells everyone she's on a Vicar's retreat. But later we see him bring food down to Harriet in a cellar, alone with just her bible, while she seeks to repent her sins. When Will asks her how long it will take, she can't give him and answer and says it's a matter of faith.

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Elsewhere, Faith, Moira and Mack are having a drink at the pub when Faith asks the siblings about the death of their mother. While Moira says she would like to hold an informal memorial for her, Faith notices Mack instantly begins to fidget and she wonders what kind of dirt she could dig up, knowing it would land her in favour with Cain.

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Faith goes snooping at Butler's and is caught by Cain, but after a tense stand-off with Mack, Cain's got bigger fish to fry. Soon Moira arrives on the scene and Cain drops a major bombshell about Mack. When Mack reveals there's even more to the story, how will Moira react?

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Everyone is in high spirits in the run up to Mandy and Paul's wedding but at Paul's stag do, Vinny notices that details about Paul's kidnapping story seem to be changing. Vinny confides in Liv that he thinks Paul isn't being truthful about getting kidnapped and held to ransom.

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After overhearing Paul on the phone to Connor, Vinny realises that they set up the kidnapping to scam Liv out of her inheritance. Vinny goes to confront Paul at the scrap yard but Paul's mood quickly darkens and in a rage, he beats Vinny unconscious.

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Meanwhile, an oblivious Mandy's hen do is well under way and it's clear that Lydia still isn't convinced by Paul. But everyone is soon distracted when Rhona reveals she's been seeing Marlon again. As the women admit they've known for ages, Rhona realises it's time to tell the kids.

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After agreeing to sign over her share of the pub to Marlon, Charity puts on a brave face when Chas turns up with the paperwork but it's clear she's gutted at having to give it up.

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Jimmy receives a phone call from his solicitor and is encouraged when she tells him he's got a strong case for full custody of Carl, but he's still unaware he's being spied on...

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But first, here's everything coming up on Emmerdale this week...

Kim Tate is furious when her plan to get in the middle of Jamie Tate and Dawn Ward's relationship doesn't work, and Dawn gives Jamie another chance - despite his treatment of a devastated Gabby Thomas.

Soon Kim has sunk to new lows in her bid to keep them apart - but who will be the real casualty in her scheming?

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Harriet Finch is growing steadily more panicked as the date of the grave exhumation draws closer. Charles Amos is concerned for her state of mind, but he has no idea what's really worrying her.

Nicola and Jimmy King reluctantly agree to let Juliette Holliday spend some time with Carl, but the stress is clearly getting to them when they get into an almighty argument in the street.

Rishi Sharma wants to renew his wedding vows with Manpreet and Elliot Chapman lets Priya Sharma down gently.

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