EastEnders spoilers: Zack Hudson leaves Nancy Carter heartbroken

What's he done now?

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Nancy Carter has only just returned to Walford but next week she's left heartbroken by her fling Zack Hudson.

Nancy and Zack have been growing closer but she has no idea that he's involved in her hit and run accident (alongside her sister Frankie Lewis).

Next week when Mick discovers that Zack is seeing Nancy he demands that he ends the relationship. Poor Nancy is none the wiser and is left devastated by Zack - will she discover what's really going on?

Meanwhile Keegan Taylor finds out that Tiffany Butcher had fillers, Chelsea Fox finds Tina Carter's earring in Gray Atkins' car and Jean Slater supports Ruby Allen.

Plus Kat Moon discovers Billy Mitchell is sleeping in the car lot cabin and Sheree Trueman is left furious with Lola Pearce.

EastEnders spoilers: Monday 26 – Friday 30 July 2021


EastEnders spoilers: Zack Hudson leaves Nancy Carter heartbroken

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EastEnders spoilers

When Mick discovers that Nancy and Zack are still together he demands that Zack ends their relationship. Poor Nancy is heartbroken and when Linda Carter discovers what's happened she sacks Zack on the spot.

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EastEnders spoilers

When Karen Taylor tries to fix things with her children, Bernie hits back and tells them about Tiffany's fillers - Keegan is not impressed. Later as Tiff stresses about her graduation party, her insecurities take over again and it leaves her thinking she needs more work done...

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EastEnders spoilers

When Karen mentions that Chelsea should be making an effort with the kids, Gray suggests Chelsea take them shopping for Mia's new dress... Later on when Gray and Chelsea have some fun in his car, she spots an earring - Chelsea is unaware that it was Tina's.

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EastEnders spoilers

While Ruby is packing for her operation, Jean supports her by going to the hospital with her. Later on the women bond while doing face masks together.

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EastEnders spoilers

When Kat spots Billy sleeping in the car lot cabin, she apologises for not giving him a cob as a cabbie. Later on after telling Honey, Phil and Lola about Billy's situation, Kat has an idea.

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EastEnders spoilers

When Sheree discovers that Lola is dedicated to Isaac's recovery she's left furious.

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Before any of the above, here's everything that will happen on EastEnders this week...

EastEnders fans were devastated when Ben Mitchell's boyfriend Paul Coker was brutally murdered and this week Ben attempts to track down his killer.

When Callum Highway discovers the news, he tries to rationalise with Ben but it quickly becomes clear that he's not listening. Callum then seeks help with Phil Mitchell - but what will he do?

Tiffany Butcher reluctantly gives Bernie Taylor more diet pills but insists she take a pregnancy test however just as she's about to take it, her brother Keegan Taylor arrives thinking it's Tiff's test...

The Panesar's are devastated as Jags' funeral begins, Lola Pearce tries to visit Isaac Baptiste and Mick Carter tells Frankie Lewis the truth about Linda's pregnancy.

Bobby Beale meets Dana's dad, Tiff's insecurities get the best of her and Denise Fox fumes when she realises Phil wants joint custody.

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