EastEnders: Is Michelle Fowler returning to Walford?

The iconic character is making her way back to Walford

EastEnders Michelle Fowler return

by Hannah Mellin |
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Walford's original fiesty teen, Michelle Fowler, will reportedly soon be returning to our screens.

If you're part of the younger EastEnders audience, you were most likely still in nappies back when Michelle roamed the square from the very first episode in 1985 until her exit in October 1995.

But after her son, Mark Jnr, rocked up in the square earlier this year and found out that his real father was Grant Mitchell (the result of a one-night stand back in the nineties) - a Michelle Fowler return was heavily rumoured to be on the horizon.

According to The Sun, original actress Susan Tully will not be returning, but EastEnders bosses have cast Olivier award-winning actress Jenna Russell (who has starred in Grange Hill) as her replacement.

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A source said: "Eastenders have been trying to convince Susan to come back for more than 20 years but they agreed enough was enough and have decided to recast the role.

"They thought Jenna was a great fit and think she will do a great job as Michelle who is one of the most popular characters in the show’s history.

They continued: "The show has faced accusations of being boring lately, but curveballs like this shows it still keeps viewers on the edge of their seats."

The Sun are also reporting that Michelle could even make her huge comeback over the festive period and could even make an appearence on Christmas Eve!


EastEnders are known for being able to keep huge secrets, especially as they managed to keep Kathy Beale's return hush hush until she shocked us all during 2015's 30th anniversary week.

An EastEnders spokesman responded to the rumours by telling The Sun:

"Viewers can expect a lot of surprises this Christmas, but we don’t comment on future storylines as this will spoil the enjoyment."

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