Confused EastEnders viewers think bosses made MAJOR blunder last night…


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EastEnders fans have been left baffled after last night's episode, which saw Kush Kazemi up and about after having major surgery in the previous episode...

There's literally no-one in the world more eagle-eyed than a soap fan.

Soap bosses know by now that they can NEVER get away with anything that doesn't add up in any way, as fans of the show will surely spot it and tear them to pieces on social media.

But EastEnders viewers have been left severely confused after last night's episode.

Kush was in hospital on Friday! (Credit: BBC/ EastEnders) ©BBC/ EastEnders

Friday night's episode left fans on tenterhooks as Kush Kazemi had life-changing heart surgery following his diagnosis with Brugada Syndrome - which, according to the NHS, is "a rare but serious condition that can cause the heart to beat dangerously fast."

But last night, Kush was sat in a café with his new fiancée Denise Fox, after a loooooong will-they-won't-they scenario.

It got even stranger, as Kush was then visiting his mum Carmel in hospital - who seemed perfectly fine on Friday!

What is going on?!

WATCH: Kush gets engaged to Denise (18th September 2017) | BBC/ EastEnders

Viewers were literally bamboozled, and wondered whether they had aired the wrong episode entirely.

However, one EE fan knew what the situation was, and updated the rest of the site on the situation.

But now all we can think about is poor little Arthur - Stacey Slater's son with Kush.

Does he have the hereditary condition?!

We can't take another baby death. We've still not recovered from the traumatic Ronnie/Kat/Alfie storyline...

Are you an EastEnders fan? Did you think there was something strange going on? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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