EastEnders spoilers: Will Lauren Branning run away with Peter Beale?

EastEnders fans, could there be a happy ever after for Ben Hardy and Jacqueline Jossa's characters?


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We all know that Peter Beale and Lauren Branning will be leaving Walford - after all, Ben Hardy's off to pursue a movie career, and Jacqueline Jossa just welcomed her first baby girl with partner Dan Osborne.

But will they be leaving EastEnders together?

Last night, we witnessed an emotionally distressed Peter (well, you would be if you found out your 11-year-old brother had bumped off your twin sister) tell his family that the was moving to New Zealand.

For good.

But he doesn't want to go it alone - he wants his childhood sweetheart, and love of his life, Lauren to go with him. He's even got to money to buy her the ticket, if she'll just say yes.

Via BBC One
Via BBC One

In tonight's episode, we will watch with anticipation as Peter goes to visit Lucy's grave to make his emotional goodbyes.

He is soon joined by Lauren - and the two begin to share their deepest, darkest secrets.

We're guessing that those deep dark secrets might just have a little something to do with Bobby Beale - and, just maybe, Lauren's recent trip to the abortion clinic.

So… with the truth now out, how will Lauren react to the news that Peter is NOT a murderer?

Via BBC One

And, more importantly, will she decide to go to New Zealand with him?

We really hope so - we bet these two could make a better life for themselves away from the doom and gloom of Albert Square.

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