HELP! What DANGER is EastEnder Tiffany REALLY in?


by Tess Lamacraft |
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The teen’s life is at risk as more secrets come to light

Ever since 14-year-old Tiff rocked up in Walford in her gold puffa, it’s become clear she’s hiding a big secret and all is revealed next week when Whitney makes a shocking discovery about her young sibling.

Whitney thought she’d worked out what was going on when she found a pregnancy testing kit in the bin, however she’ll soon realise the truth is a whole lot more complicated and DANGEROUS!

What dangerous secret is Bianca's cheeky offspring hiding ©BBC

Next week, and with her suspicions about Tiff mounting, Whitney decides she needs to speak to her mum Bianca face to face and prepares to journey to Milton Keynes.

Whit is horrified to see Tiff almost get run over in the street ©BBC

However when Tiff realises what Whitney’s planning, she races to stop her outside Walford tube station and hurries across a road almost getting herself knocked over by a car. Yikes!

The sisters hug ©BBC

Whitney’s horrified to hear the screeching of brakes and see her sister dodging death and scrambles to give her a hug and check she’s ok.

Whitney's later appalled to discover the truth about her sister ©BBC

However, later on and with Tiff promising her that she’s fine, Whitney’s suspicions are still in overdrive and as she delves to discover the real reason her sis has scarpered from the family home, she’s horrified to discover the truth.

What dangerous caper is Tiff caught up in and is she putting her own life at risk?

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