EastEnders Spoilers: Uh-oh, Steven Beale’s jealousy over Lauren Branning is set to get worse

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We've seen Steven Beale display some pretty questionable behaviour towards girlfriend Lauren Branning in EastEnders recently

EastEnders fans were all shook when Lauren Branning arrived back from New Zealand and revealed she was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend and baby-daddy, Peter Beale's brother, Steven. Especially because Steven was gay when he left the Square. And he was also a pretty bad egg, who shot his stepmum in the uterus. But Steven MK2 seemed too good to be true. So it was only a matter of time before his mask slipped.

Lauren and Josh EastEnders
Ooh, you can almost feel the tension (credit: BBC) ©BBC

We've recently seen Steven act pretty horrendously to girlfriend Lauren. He's been totally unsupportive of her career dreams, even suggesting that she give them up completely to have his babies.

When that suggestion went didn't go down well with Lauren, we saw him deliberately pricking holes in his condoms, in attempt to get Lauren knocked up without her knowing. Erm...not cool.

He also rocked up at Lauren's shiny, new job - complete with toddler in a buggy. Which isn't the professional image you really want when starting a new gig.

Next week sees Steven's erratic behaviour get even worse when Abi Branning suggests that there is a reason Lauren is working late - and it's not the one she's told Steven.

Lauren and Josh EastEnders
Will they be able to resist each other? (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Lauren is feeling more and more suffocated by her overbearing boyfriend and is thrilled when Josh invites her on a client night out. But Steven doesn't react well and goes to shocking measures to ruin her night.

Meanwhile, the sexual tension between Lauren and Josh is growing when she walks in on him getting changed. Will they be able to resist temptation?

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