Whoa! Stacey flips out in EastEnders leaving Carmel and Martin shaken


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The stressed-out mum cracks under mounting pressure and lashes out at Carmel and hubby Martin. With Stacey on the edge, is the Fowler marriage in crisis?

Poor Stace. She’s heavily pregnant, her bloke has been banged up for ABH and now she thinks her little boy Arthur may have the same heart condition as his daddy, Kush. No wonder she’s just a teeny bit stressed.

This week her punch-happy hubby Martin gets out of prison, which is a relief we suppose, but little does he realise just how much pressure his Mrs has been under while he’s been behind bars.

Welcome home! Martin's released from prison and reunited with Stace (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Stacey has been struggling to look after her kids Lily and Arthur single-handedly and when a well-meaning Carmel offers to help out with the littl'uns she ends up upsetting an already frazzled Stacey who flips out and practically pushes her out of the door.

Stacey cracks and gives Carmel a piece of her mind (credit: BBC)* ©BBC

Police-basher Martin is shocked to come home and be greeted by the sound of some very loud shouting and the sight of Carmel being bundled from his house.

He tries to calm Stace down but is taken-aback when she opens up and reveals how scared she is that Arthur could have inherited Brugada syndrome, the same condition that caused his dad Kush to have a heart attack.

Later on, there’s more stress ahead when Martin and Lily have to go to the hospital for Arthur’s appointment. Sadly, it’s not good news and the pair are rocked when they’re told the little boy is at high risk of developing Kush’s illness.

It's not good news at the hospital for Martin and Stacey (credit: BBC) ©BBC

With Stacey, who suffered from post-partum psychosis following her previous pregnancy, now at breaking point, Martin does his best to reassure her that everything will be ok but when he turns to his big sister for support there is more fallout!

Martin confides in Michelle that he’s worried about the impact a new baby will have on Stacey unaware his wife is within earshot and has overheard their conversation. Oops.

An upset Stace flips out and furiously accuses her other half of not wanting their baby at all! With another showdown in the offing, can the feisty Fowler pair patch things up or is this a rift that’s going to rumble on?

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