EastEnders spoilers: Shirley realises Dean is in danger – but can she save her son?



by Kayleigh Dray |
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It has become painfully apparent that Dean Wicks’s days are numbered on Albert Square.

But we still have no ideas as to when, or how, or why he will disappear from Walford for good.

Next week, we will watch as Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack) concocts an evil plan to rid herself of her sister’s abusive boyfriend forever.

When Mick (Danny Dyer) catches wind of her plan, however, he feels conflicted - even more so when his mum Shirley (Linda Henry) begs him to clear the air with Dean (Matt Di Angelo).

When the pub landlord spots his brother heading into Ronnie’s house alone, however, he rushes to speak with Linda (Kellie Bright) and guiltily informs her that her rapist is in imminent danger.

It remains to be seen how his fiancé will react to the news - and what she will advise her childhood sweetheart to do about Dean’s fate.

However Dean may still live to fight another day.

When his dad, Buster (Karl Howman), and Shirley realise something serious is going on, they rush to rescue Dean.

Will they get there in time?

And, more importantly, will Shirley ever be able to forgive Mick for letting her son walk into Ronnie’s murderous trap?

We personally have a feeling we won’t be bidding goodbye to Dean Wicks until New Year’s Day 2016, when he and Mick are embroiled in a watery struggle.

Recent photos leaked which showed Matt Di Angelo and Danny Dyer filming an underwater stunt, as Linda Henry and Kellie Bright watched from the sidelines.

Danny Dyer previously said: “It's an EastEnders wedding so it's f***ed straight away, it's not going to be happy but it's another gift for me as an actor.

"I have to wear a wetsuit so that says something, there's water involved! It starts off lovely and then goes a bit bandy."

And, as if that wasn’t juicy enough, Danny added: "It's dark but it resolves a certain storyline with my missus.

"I have to get in the water, there's something in the water and I get in to sort it out."

These EastEnders episodes will air on Tuesday, Nov 17 at 7.30pm and Thursday, Nov 19 at 7.30pm.

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