EastEnders spoilers: Sharon stunned to learn biological father is Walford resident


EastEnders spoilers: Sharon stunned to learn biological father is Walford resident

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It's official; Sharon's search for her biological dad is about to take a VERY dramatic turn.

Sharon - played by Letitia Dean - decides to pay a visit to her solicitor, who handled her adoption case.

And, sitting down with best friend Linda Carter (Kellie Bright), Sharon soon learns that her late adoptive father Den had specifically asked to adopt her all many years ago.

Cue Linda speculating that Den is actually Sharon's biological father, as a result of an affair.

But, while Margaret (Jan Harvey) is quick to put these rumours to rest once and for all, she does leave Sharon with a big hint that her real dad could have been a LOT closer to home than she first thought.

Via BBC One
Via BBC One


So which Albert Square resident could be Sharon's dad?

Well, one popular suspect is Les Coker (aka the creepy funeral director), who was allegedly a client of Pat Butcher back in her prostitution days. After all, he HAS been acting awfully oddly recently, not to mention nostalgic; remember how he sat down with Billy Mitchell and told him to treasure his little girl?

But, while Les is a good shout, we're more inclined to believe that Sharon's dad is, in fact, Pat's first husband Pete Beale.

Pete was Dirty Den's best friend growing up, so it would make sense as to why Den was so desperate to adopt him. Plus there's the fact that he's Ian Beale's dad - someone whom Sharon has long thought of as a brother (apart from that brief romantic tryst when they were teens).

Via BBC One

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