EastEnders Spoilers: Keegan Baker fights for his life as Shakil Kazemi is fatally stabbed

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EastEnders Spoilers: Monday 21 - Friday 25 May

We've known for a few weeks that this spring there will be astabbing in EastEnders involving Keegan Baker and Shakil Kazemi.

It was recently confirmed that there will be a fatalityand next week viewers will wave goodbye to Shakil who is killed following the knife attack.

Not only that but Stacey Slater and Kat Moon will continue to terrorize Hayler Slater, Masood gets a touch of luck with his business and the rest of the square will celebrate the Royal Wedding.

See all of next week's spoilers below…


EastEnders Spoilers Week 21 2018 - STACKED

EastEnders Linda Carter1 of 13

Albert Square celebrate the royal wedding

The week starts off with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding and as the festivities are underway the residents begin celebrate the big day.Linda is set on making the day perfect and refuses to show the FA Cup in the Queen Vic.Eek!The punters are left disappointed (we don't blame them, imagine going to the pub and not watching the FA cup?) which gives Mel Owen the idea on getting another TV brought into the pub.

Eastenders Shakil Kazemi Keegan Baker2 of 13

Shakil Kazemi and Keegan Baker are stabbed

Meanwhile, Keegan Baker rushes to get home and after seeing an unattended bike he steals it and rides back to the square. Later on while everyone is in the pub, Keegan shows off "his" new bike to his pal Shakil Kazemi but he's quick to warn him that the gang (who the bike actually belongs to) has posted a picture of him online.When Keegan refuses to take the bike back, Shakil decides to take matters into his own hand and gets the padlock to return it. Elsewhere the gang arrive at The Vic looking for Keegan but he rushes to hide in the toilets.

EastEnders Shakil Kazemi3 of 13

EastEnders Shakil Kazemi

Keegan later puts two and two together and rushes to find that the bike has gone, as he begins to worry about his friend's whereabouts he sees one of the gang members in the alley by The Vic but before he can confront him, he's stabbed.

EastEnders Shakil Kazemi4 of 13

EastEnders Shakil Kazemi

However thinks take a horrific turn when he sees that Shakil has also been stabbed. As Shakil tries to get help, he gets caught up with the other residents drunk from the Royal Wedding. Mick Carter assumes he's also drunk and tells him to go but after the landlord gets distracted by the punter, Shakil attempts to get help somewhere else. As his condition begins to deteriorate he collapses out of sight…

EastEnders Shakil Kazemi5 of 13

EastEnders Shakil Kazemi

After celebrating the Royal Wedding, Mick gets into bed but after his wife Linda makes him to check downstairs he's horrified to discover an injured Keegan.He immediately calls an ambulance but as Keegan tries to tell Mick about Shakil also being stabbed, his voice goes unheard as a result of his injuries.

EastEnders Shakil Kazemi6 of 13

EastEnders Shakil Kazemi

When things take a turn for the worse with Keegan, Mick decides to take the teenager to the hospital himself and asks the ambulance to look out for him en-route.Over in in the square Bex Fowler is upset when Shakil doesn't return to The Vic and Keanu and Bernadette Taylor begin to worry about Keegan's whereabouts. After telling their mum that the gang were after him in pub, she shuts them down and tell them he'll be fine.

EastEnders Shakil Kazemi Bex Fowler7 of 13

EastEnders Shakil Kazemi Bex Fowler

The next day the news of the stabbing shocks the square and as it soon becomes clear that Shakil is still missing, the residents gather to help the police find him.Later the doctors break the heart-breaking news to the Kazemis family that Shakil's injuries were fatal and he hasn't made it.How will the family react to the news? And what's next for them?

EastEnders Kat Moon Hayley Slater8 of 13

Kat Moon and Hayley Slater continue to bicker

Next week, the Slater family wind up a very hungover Hayler Slater and decide to take her to The Vic with them. Following this week's drama Linda reminds Hayley that she's barred and forces Big Mo to leave the pub after bringing in her own alcohol.Cheeky!As Kat makes fun of Hayley being banned from The Vic, Hayley storms off but not before dumping her drink all over Kat.

EastEnders Hayley Slater9 of 13

Hayley is mugged on the tube

Not having much luck, Hayley ventures to the night-tube and manages to con a stranger out of money. Karma soon takes place when she befriends a homeless girl Brianna but despite giving her some cash, she later wakes up from a nap to discover Brianna stole from her. Later on after returning to the Slaters house, Hayley reveals she's going to meet her new man and after Kat helps her get ready with Stacey's clothes, Jean Slater puts two and two together and realises she's planning to prank Hayley.We can tell this isn't going to end well…After hearing the news about Shakil's death, Kat begins to reflect on her own children – but what will she do?

Eastenders Masood Ahmed10 of 13

Masood Ahmed gets a touch of luck with his business

Despite their being a lot of commotion on the square following the stabbing, Masood doesn't pay attention and heads over to the Beale's to let him know they're no longer in business together.

Eastenders Masood Ahmed11 of 13

Eastenders Masood Ahmed

Masood Ahmed and Ian Beale have been at war since they decided to go into business together, but Masood gets a surprise next week when Arshad and Mariam give him some cash for his own business.

Eastenders Masood Ahmed12 of 13

Eastenders Masood Ahmed

After explaining his plan to Kathy, they wait for Ian to return. However Masood has a gut-wrenching realisation when he find out that Shakil is missing…

Eastenders Shakil Kazemi13 of 13

Eastenders Shakil Kazemi

Following the devastating turn of events, how will Keegan cope with the loss of his best friend?

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