EastEnders spoilers: Ronnie Mitchell violently attacks Roxy



by Kayleigh Dray |
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Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack) doesn’t exactly hide her feelings when it comes to people she hates.

And she’s made no secret of the fact that she is NOT a fan of Roxy (Rita Simons)’s husband-to-be Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo), even going so far as to drug his gin and tonic and… well, you know, arrange his murder.

But, so far, she has yet to succeed in her wicked plan.

In an attempt to make her sister realise what a scumbag she’s dating, she confronts Roxy back at the house - and the pair soon become embroiled in a heated argument.


Tired of Roxy’s naivety, Ronnie gives in to her inner Mitchell, slamming her sister up against the wall, grabbing her face, and letting her know EXACTLY what’s wrong with her relationship.

Throw in a violent slap, sending Roxy to the floor, and we think we’ll definitely reach breaking point for the Mitchell sisters.

Will Ronnie and Roxy ever be able to forgive each other?

We think not - particularly as, on 23rd November, we’re set to see Roxy shop Ronnie to the police for the murder of Carl White.

All of this spells surefire doom for Dean Wicks, who seems set to meet a VERY grisly end on New Year’s Day.

His exit from the show was recently confirmed, with a spokesperson offering: “We can confirm he is leaving and we wish him all the best.”

This episode airs on BBC One on Friday 20th November.

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