Phil Mitchell makes a startling revelation in EastEnders… he killed Jay Brown’s dad

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EastEnders are set to have a two-hander episode which will only focus on Phil Mitchell and Jay Brown

In next week's EastEnders episode, Phil Mitchell will leave Jay Brown's world crumbling when he reveals a shocking secret about his past – he killed Jay's biological father.

Viewers who watched the BBC show way back when will remember Jay's dad Jase (played by Stephen Lord) was brutally murdered by his former gang leader Terry. While Jase was being killed by the thugs, fans of the show will remember Billy Mitchell was too scared to defend his friend and sat in the bathroom while his friend died.

EastEnders Jase Dyer
Jase was brutally murdered by thugs in 2008 (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

Months later everyone discovered Billy's cowardice but he later makes it up to Jay by testifying against the gang in court which results in Terry receiving life imprisonment.

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Viewers of the show have recently seen Phil acting weird with his family and in upcoming scenes he'll cause division in the family when Ben discovers The Arches, that his dad left for him, is worth less than the car lot (that he's leaving Jay).

Things are set to come to a head when Jay discovers his inheritance is worth more than Phil's actual biological son, which resuts in Phil making the shocking revelation that he killed Jay's dad!

EastEnders Jay Brown Phil Mitchell
Things are set to come to a head in next weeks EastEnders episode (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

Now, in an intense two-hander episode - which will feature just Phil and Jay - the EastEnders hard man is set to ruin Jay's world when he attempts to explain how he killed his dad. Poor Jay struggles to comprehend the devastating blow and as he begins to get angry he and Phil have the ultimate showdown.

To make things worse, Jay begins to question everything from his past and soon realises the full extent of what Phil did.

EastEnders Jay Brown Phil Mitchell
Jay is left feeling livid when he discovers Phil's shocking secret (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

Did Phil ask Terry and his gang to murder Jase? Will Jay ever forgive Phil?

So many questions!

EastEnders will air these scenes on Monday 21 at 8pm on BBC One.

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