EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell and Jane Beale in violent showdown

WARNING: This article contains EastEnders spoilers which some soap fans may wish to avoid

EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell and Jane Beale in violent showdown

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Lucy Beale may have died on Good Friday 2014, but her murder is still having a ripple effect even now.

After all, Max Branning [Jake Wood] has been wrongly accused of being her killer - and police are busily closing in on Ben Mitchell [Harry Reid], who mugged his cousin that same night.

And, all the while, Jane Beale [Laurie Brett] has been anxiously covering up for the fact that it was her beloved adopted son Bobby who bumped off Lucy that fatefully night.

But it seems as if the truth will always out.

Especially when Phil Mitchell [Steve McFadden] is prepared to do anything to get it out of you.

Speaking with The Radio Times, actress Laurie Brett explains: "The scenes with Phil are very dark. He decides that he's going to get the truth out of Jane and he's very physical with her.

“The scenes we filmed are quite violent. But I think that’s the only way Jane is going to say the name.

“She’s pushed to the brink. It takes Phil to literally have Jane by the throat to make her tell him."

As viewers have already seen, an increasingly desperate Ian Beale [Adam Woodyatt] has fled Albert Square with his young son, leaving Jane alone.

And it seems as if, cracking under the pressure, she’s gearing up to do something truly crazy.

"It’s the stress, lack of sleep, plus the pressure with everything that’s happening on screen now,” said Laurie.

"She feels responsible for everything. The guilt that she feels does push her a bit further and there is stuff coming up in the next few weeks where Jane is on her own and isolated and trying to put things right in some crazy way…"

We know that Jane was always prepared to take the fall for Bobby, telling Ian that she was the one who killed Lucy before he figured out the truth on his own.

How far would she be prepared to go to alleviate her guilt this time?

We guess we’ll have to keep watching and wait to find out.

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