EastEnders spoilers: Phil charged with attempted murder and Max goes on a rampage

Friday's shocking episode of EastEnders saw Phil Mitchell arrested for cutting the brakes on Roxy's car.


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The result was Ronnie being put into a medically induced coma and Charlie unable to cope with the arrival of their son.

Viewers know it was Nasty Nick who cut the brakes, but he set Phil up and next week we'll see him charged with the attempted murder of Ronnie!

Max is furious when he hears Phil has been charged with attempted murder
Max is furious when he hears Phil has been charged with attempted murder

Sharon visits her husband inside, where he insists he's been set up and it was Cotton who did the crime. But who will believe him, considering Nick's meant to be dead?

Elsewhere Max is raging when he hears Phil has been charged, after the collision with Roxy's car lead to Emma's death.

And he's not best pleased to come home and find Phil's son Ben with daughter Abi.

Kat is not happy when Alfie thinks she wants him back

He flies into a rage at Ben, while Carol struggles to calm him down. Then he starts to plot revenge on Phil.

Poor Alfie, he really thinks Kat is going to forgive him for burning their house down and almost killing her.

When she gets some chilling news from Mo, she decides she needs to speak to Alfie. However when he assumes it's because she wants to get back together, she storms out of the Vic.

Later Stacey finds Kat in bed with a stranger, leaving her wondering what could have happened to make her cousin act like that.

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