EastEnders Spoilers: Mick and Woody come to blows after he catches him in bed with Whitney

Mick Carter Woody Eastenders

by Katy Brent |
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Mick Carter made an explosive return to EastEnders last night as he walked in on Woody and Whitney in his bed

All we can say is we're glad Mick didn't walk into that room about ten minutes earlier. It was bad enough catching Whitney - who's still technically married to his son - enjoying some playful apres-sex games with Woody Woodward, without seeing more! Anyway, safe to say that Mick was less than happy too see Woody and Whit naked in his bed. Not what you need after a flight.

Mick Carter Woody Eastenders
Mick is not happy with Woody (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Tonight's (Friday) episode sees Mick and Woody come to blows - and as these new pictures show, Woody comes of slightly worse.

The pictures show Woody sporting Mick's (well, technically Linda's) pink dressing gown, which will NOT go down well with Mr. Carter - and a bloodied nose.

Mick Carter Woody Eastenders
No chance of a bromance here then? (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Whitney watches on in dispair as the two men fight it out. But has her afternoon of passion with Woody (that just sounds all kinds of wrong) change her feelings towards Mick?

Poor Whit, her head is a complicated place to be rn.

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