EastEnders Spoilers: Who DIES in tonight’s car crash aftermath?


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It's the aftermath of Michelle Fowler's horror car crash in tonight's EastEnders - and we think someone dies

Tuesday night's shock car crash, which saw lovelorn Michelle Fowler drunkenly drive into Beale's Plaice, has been so top secret that even we didn't know it was going to happen. 'Chelle was heartbroken after finding out that Preston was leaving the Square and that her brother, Martin, didn't want anything to do with her.

Unless you've been living under a rock (or just don't watch EastEnders), you'll know that Michelle and Preston - who is 30 years her junior - have been embroiled in a messy love triangle, which also includes Michelle's niece, Bex Fowler. Phew.

So yeah, 'Chelle ram-raided the chippy with a car, clearly forgetting that we drive on the other side of the road in the UK, but does everyone make it out alive? We think not. The EE bosses have been teasing 'disastrous consequences' - and as the Albert Square body count has been quite minimal this year - we reckon someone carks it. But who?

1. Michelle Fowler

 Michelle EastEnders
Does Michelle die? (credit: BBC*) ©BBC

Tbf, she isn't the most popular character on the Square at the moment and we don't think many of the fans would miss her. But after killing off Walford legends Ronnie and Roxy, we don't think Exec Producer Sean O'Connor would risk the wrath of the EastEnders Army by killing off another classic so soon.

Odds - slim to none

2. Preston

Preston EastEnders
Does Preston die? (credit: BBC) ©BBC

A much more likely candidate is Preston, who feels like a bit of a spare wotsit at a wedding, if you ask us. Plus, even though we don't mind seeing him without his top on, the way he's played a woman and her neice, has made us feel more than a little bit ick. He wouldn't be missed. Sorry Prest.

Odds - hmm, we'd say 50/50

3. Bex Fowler

Bex EastEnders
Does Bex die? (credit: BBC) ©BBC

It would be a tragedy Shakespeare would be proud of, if heartbroken Bex Fowler was accidentally killed by her love rival. We really hope it isn't Bex though, she's such a great character and is proving popular with fans too. It would be a shame to kill her off when she's only just starting out.

Odds - noooooooo!

4. Sylvie Carter

Sylvie EastEnders
Does Sylvie die? (credit: BBC*) ©BBC

Seems a bit of an outside bet as Sylvie was nowhere near the chippy (as far as we know) when 'Chelle ploughed into it. But there are hot rumours that Sylvie's funeral scenes have been filmed. Plus, there was that beautiful dance with Tina, which could very well have been her 'last dance'. Sob.

Odds - pretty, high. Although we can't work out the logistics.

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