SECRET REVENGE! Mel targets Ben as her Walford mission begins!


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After 16 years away, Mel Owen is back and she's got Phil's son in her sights!

After shipping out of Walford for a new life in Portugal, Mel Owen was briefly seen returning to Albert Square during this Tuesday's cliffhanger episode where she headed straight for The Arches.

With the blonde businesswoman, who was married to Ian Beale, back in town, it's clear she's on a mission but as she introduces herself to Phil's grease-monkey son Ben, (in tonight's Thursday episode), and says she needs her car fixing, what's her hidden agenda?

What does she want from Phil's son? ©BBC

Viewers have recently seen Ben take matters into his own hands following Aidan Maguire's heist, and the young mechanic is now hiding thousands of pounds in cash, not to mention a very large stash of expensive jewellery. Ooh the naughty little tinker!

However, having told Jay he wants the loot for his dad, he's clearly got another motive as we've since seen him booking a one way ferry out of the UK. Looks like he's outta Walford and it's no secret that actor Harry Reid, who plays him is leaving the soap!

But are his plans about to be thwarted by Mel's sudden arrival?

It seems that Mel is secretly working for Aidan's wife Ciara, who had all her money and valuables stolen in the robbery. Had Ben better watch his back?

Later on, Mel who was married to cafe-worker Ian after he tricked her into walking down the aisle with him by playing a massive sympathy card and pretending his daughter Lucy was dying of cancer, decides to pay Squeale himself a visit!

Why exactly is Mel back? All will become clear ©BBC

Ian is flabbergasted to come face to face with Mel as she rocks up in the café where he’s beavering away serving cuppas and fry ups alongside his mum Kathy.

Ian is stunned to come face to face with his ex ©BBC

Immediately on the back foot, he's forced to catch up with his ex but as Mel listens to the shenanigans that have been unfolding in the Square, it’s clear she plans to use events to her advantage. Just what has she got up her sleeve and why has she chosen now to come back?

Tamzin Outhwaite, who plays straight-talking Mel teases, “Mel is darker, more cynical and damaged. She is back for a particular reason which is to do with her son.”

Mel, who had a child with her late husband Steve Owen, (played by Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp), was last seen at London’s Victoria Coach Station, pregnant and bound for a new life in Portugal after her gangster hubby was dramatically bumped off in a car explosion. Now she’s mum to a 15-year-old son who will also soon be turning up in Walford.

Mel and Ian have A LOT to catch up on ©BBC

Tamzin continues, “She doesn’t want to be there at all. It’s a place with all these ghosts. She’s definitely on a mission. What you’ll see is her trying to play the right game to get what she needs.” Ooh crafty!

Meanwhile it’s not just Ian who’s surprised to see Mel. Sharon, Phil and Billy were all Walford locals when Mel first lived there. “Billy and Mel had a very good relationship”, says Tamzin. “He was more like her little brother.” Meanwhile Sharon will probably have mixed feelings about the feisty mum’s return, not least because Mel once slept with Phil! (Is there anyone who HASN’T slept with Phil?)

With so much history tied up in Walford, things are definitely going to be interesting and expect events to hot up as, bit by bit, we get to learn what Mel’s secret agenda is!

**Watch Mel's Walford comeback continue tonight, Thursday Jan 11, BBC1, 7.30pm **

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