EastEnders Spoilers: Mel Owen plans to leave Walford

EastEnders Mel Owen

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EastEnders Spoilers: Monday 11 June - Friday 15 June

Next week in EastEnders, Kim Fox-Hubbard has to identify a body that matches her estranged husband Vincent Hubbard's description.

Meanwhile after Linda Carter goes out to visit her son Lee, Mick Carter discovers a huge secret about his BFF Stuart Highway.


Ian Beale and Masood Ahmed are at war AGAIN but things take a U-turn when Masood manages to bag himself a date.

Plus Mel Owen discovers her son Hunter's lies and following all the drama she packs her bags to leave Walford - is this the last we'll see of Mel?

Check out all of next week's spoilers below...


EastEnders Spoilers Week 24 2018 - STACKED

EastEnders Kim Fox1 of 14

Is Vincent Hubbard dead?

Last week Kim Fox-Hubbard reported her missing husband to the police and next week she will discover that Vincent has emptied their daughter Pearl's savings. Eek!

EastEnders Kim Fox2 of 14

EastEnders Kim Fox

After coming to the conclusion that it's a clue about her husband's whereabouts, Kim decides to pay a visit to the police station. However she gets the shock of her life when a sergeant tells her they've found an unidentified body matching Vincent's description.

EastEnders Kim Fox3 of 14

Kim Fox collapses

Later after leaving the police station Kim collapses… She then visits the hospital and discovers at the scan that all is well with the baby. Following all the drama Kim decides to prepare a lovely family meal but things take a U-turn when a slightly tipsy Denise accidentally reveals Kim's pregnant in front of Carmel.

EastEnders Spoilers Mick Carter Stuart Highway4 of 14

Mick Carter discovers a huge secret about Stuart Highway

The week for the Carter family kicks off with Linda calling Stuart to help cheer up Mick. The Highway brothers decide to have fun with their longtime friend. As they're all having a laugh, Mick plays a prank on Stuart and steals his phone however the mood shifts following Stuart's extreme reactions.

EastEnders Spoilers Mick Carter Stuart Highway5 of 14

EastEnders Spoilers Mick Carter Stuart Highway

Noticing the mood change, Mick confronts Stuart about what he found on his phone.What's he hiding?

EastEnders Spoilers Mick Carter Stuart Highway6 of 14

EastEnders Spoilers Mick Carter Stuart Highway

Later on in the week after Linda heads off to visit their son Lee, Mick is left furious when she sees Stuart with Shirley and Ollie watching TV. He's even more annoyed when he tells his friend to leave but finds him hanging around in the pub and reminiscing about the good old days…Some people just can't take the hint can they?

EastEnders Spoilers Masood Ahmed Ian Beale7 of 14

Masood Ahmed and Ian Beale are at war

They may be business partners but Masood Ahmed and Ian Beale have not been getting on since they joined forces and next week things will be no different.It all kicks off when Masood finds out that a successful businessman - Habib Hussein – is holding an event, he tells Ian they should go and check it out but Ian being well, Ian decides to go alone.

EastEnders Spoilers Masood Ahmed Ian Beale8 of 14

EastEnders Spoilers Masood Ahmed Ian Beale

Annoyed (yet again) at his so-called business "partner" Masood decides to get revenge by calling the environmental health and telling them the chippy has rats! His victory doesn't last long as Ian turns up at the business events and makes Masood leave.Will these two ever get along?

EastEnders Spoilers Masood Ahmed9 of 14

Masood Ahmed bags himself a date!

Following the disastrous events involving Ian, Masood plans to get close to Habib by contacting his daughter on a dating website!

EastEnders Spoilers Masood Ahmed and Amal date10 of 14

EastEnders Spoilers Masood Ahmed and Amal date

His plan is to simply meet up with her but when he does, he soon realises Amal isn't actually Habib's daughter. Things get better for him when Amal makes a surprise visit to the chippy and asks him out on a date!

Mel Owen Louise Mitchell11 of 14

Mel Owen discovers Hunter's lies

It was only last week that Mel was jumping to defend her son after Jack Branning accused him of stealing the money from E20 but next week she discovers the truth.EastEnders viewers know that while the rest of the residents were paying their respect to Shakil Kazemi, Hunter Owen snuck Louise Mitchell, Bex Fowler, Tiffany Butcher, Bernadette Taylor and Keegan Baker into E20. Unfortunately things went south when they discovered the safe was emptied.

Mel Owen Louise Mitchell12 of 14

Mel Owen Louise Mitchell

After the blame was pointed in all different directions, all eyes fell to Hunter and while Jack Branning is sure he stole the money Mel defended her son but next week doubt begins to creep in on the mum. Things get even more interesting when Mel asks Louise Mitchell about their break-up but she ends up revealing all.

Mel Owen Sharon Mitchell13 of 14

Hunter Owen comes clean to his mum Mel

Hunter finally confesses all to his mum but still denies stealing the money from the club, unfortunately his mum doesn't believe him. An angry Hunter decides to track down his ex-girlfriend to find out why she told her the truth. Mel decides to get her own back on Phil and threatens she'll tell his wife Sharon about their kiss, so he decides she can pay the money back out of her wages over the next TWO years.After Sharon has a chat with Louise, she's quick to inform Phil that it was Hunter who stole the money.

Mel Owen Hunter Owen14 of 14

Mel Owen Hunter Owen

Meanwhile, Mel decides to leave Walford following all the drama but Jack is determined to make her stay so he sets himself the goal of finding out who stole the cash from the club. He later spots Mo and asks her around the missing money but after spotting her pick up a bag from out of the bins he demands she had it over or he's going to the police.Unfortunately for them when the open the bag it's full of tissues and barely any money. Big Mo later confesses and reveals the real culprit – but who is it?

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