EastEnders spoilers: Max Branning exposes Bobby Beale’s crimes in new spoiler video

EastEnders fans, it looks as if Max Branning has exposed Lucy Beale’s REAL killer at last…

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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Max Branning (Jake Wood) is on the run from the law - but can he clear his name?

Well, judging by this new EastEnders spoiler video, it looks as if Max hasn’t gone far.

In fact, he’s back in Albert Square - and, more specifically, in the Beale house.

Confronting a frightened Jane (Laurie Brett), Max demands to know why she gave him a fake alibi for the night of the murder by inventing an affair between the two.

… and, after not too long, he correctly guesses that she was covering for someone she loves.

More specifically, little Bobby Beale.

**Watch the teaser video below to see him figure it all out: **


Will Max, a father himself, go to the police and reveal the truth about Bobby Beale’s crimes?

Will he vow to keep Jane’s big secret - but flee the country to live as a free man elsewhere in the world?

Or will he go down for a murder he did not commit?

One thing’s for sure, Max WILL be away from Albert Square for a while as Jake Wood takes a year off to spend time with his family.

The actor will bow out from EastEnders later this week, but he has already signed a contract to return in late 2016.

EastEnders continues on Thursday (September 30) at 7.30pm on BBC One.

What do you think Max should do?

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