Stacey returns to Walford… but will Martin accept her back?

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Stacey returns to Walford but her hubby doesn’t want her sticking around...

The fallout following Stacey’s festive infidelity with Max is still festering, and the Fowler couple are very much on the rocks.

So, Martin is not a happy bunny when his wife Stace returns to the family home next week with their three kids in tow and without any warning.

But whereas Stacey seems to think they can try and pick up the pieces and move on, Martin has got other ideas.

stacey wants to try and move on patch up their marriage ©bbc

It’s not long before a huge argument is raging when Martin accuses Stace of having sloped off to see Max behind his back.

However, when her hubby crosses the line with his insults, Stacy lashes out by slapping him round the face and in a blind fury Martin throws her out of the house telling her he’s keeping the house and the kids and she can get out and stay out!

tempers flare as the accusations start flying ©bbc

Stacey is prevented from seeing her children and when Kush and Sonia hear what has happened they try and play peacemakers. Meanwhile a bitter Martin tells his daughter Bex he’s going to be keeping the kids and is prepared to fight all the way for them.

martin is furious and orders stacey to leave the house....and the kids! ©bbc

Kush is determined to at least get the warring Fowlers talking to eachother, after all it’s his son Arthur who is in their care!

a concerned kush talks to his mum karmel about the warring Fowlers ©bbc

He orchestrates a meeting between Stacy and Martin in the market but when Sonia also wades in with her thoughts another huge row escalates.

kush and sonia urge stacey to try and make the peace with martin ©bbc

Martin’s ex, Sonia, encourages him to fight for custody of his kids meanwhile Stacey disappears off to make a phone call which gives her an idea.

Just as it looks as if things might calm down between the Fowlers, it becomes clear Stacey has got her own plans!

the trust is gone and martin can't see a way back ©bbc

What is she going to do and is the war between her and her hubby about to go beyond the point of any return?

Right now, we're not holding out any hope of a friendly reconciliation!

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