EastEnders spoilers: Lucy Beale’s mum to make shock return from the dead?

Could Cindy Beale be the next character to return from the dead in BBC One's EastEnders?

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Every EastEnders fan knows the rules; if someone dies off-screen, then there's a VERY good chance they haven't actually died at all.

Think Dirty Den. Think Nasty Nick. And think Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), who was recently resurrected for the show's 30th anniversary live episodes.

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So it makes sense that actress Michelle Collins is desperate for her character to get the same treatment.

Speaking with The Sun, Michelle revealed that she would LOVE to return to Albert Square as Cindy Beale - despite the fact that Ian's ex-wife died 16 years ago.

She said: "If Kathy Beale can go back, there's no reason why Cindy can't.

"It hasn't stopped them writing in supposedly dead characters back in the past so I'm sure they could make it work. Everyone seems to be coming back from the dead."

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Cindy's on-screen daughter Lucy was recently revealed to have been murdered by her brother Bobby - and Michelle believes that this storyline could hold the key to her return.

The actress, whose character died during childbirth in prison, said: "It's all anyone is talking about. I'd love to go back now.

"It would be great for Lucy's mum to make a shocking reappearance."

It was recently confirmed that Gillian Taylforth will be returning to the show indefinitely in the near future, and that Kathy's reemergence was not just a one-off.

Speaking of her comeback, the actress said: "When Dominic [Treadwell-Collins] approached me with his plan, I was so shocked I got into my car and burst into tears!

"Kathy has always been so close to my heart and it's absolutely wonderful to be returning to the show and reprising the role."

The executive producer added in a statement: "I have always made my feelings on Kathy Beale and Gillian Taylforth very clear – she is part of history, mother to Ian and Ben and one of the most important and iconic television characters on British television.

"Six months ago, we set ourselves the challenge of bringing Kathy back to the Square in a credible way. And I believe we have succeeded."

Would YOU like to see Cindy Beale back on Albert Square? Or do you think this is one soap villain that should stay buried?

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