EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter to discover the father of her baby


EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter to discover the father of her baby

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In upcoming episodes of EastEnders, viewers will watch as Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) goes into labour early after a terrifying fall at the Queen Vic.

However, as she and husband Mick (Danny Dyer) have been arguing, he has stormed off and is nowhere to be found as his beloved L’s waters break - meaning it’s up to Sonia and Kat to rush her to the hospital.

Via BBC One
Via BBC One

Thankfully he does make it to hospital in time to hold Linda’s hand as she struggles through her labour - and Mick feels an instant bond with the baby.

After cradling the baby against his bare skin, he quickly assures Linda that they don't need to do a paternity test because DNA isn't important; the baby is a Carter, through and through.

However (unsurprisingly) Shirley has other ideas and is adamant that they do a DNA test following a conversation with Dean, who strongly believes the baby is his.

After she confronts Mick over his decision, it looks as if her words are getting through to him when they are interrupted by a call from Linda to say Dean has arrived at the hospital.

Via BBC One

After talking to the nurse at the hospital, Mick realises there's a way to discover the baby's paternity, and despite Linda's reluctance, decides to find out his blood group. What will the results say?

One thing’s for sure, the consequences could be devastating for the Carter clan.

Kellie Bright told Digital Spy: "I think she's scared that it might not be Mick's. She is just terrified! There's a scene at the hospital where they talk about what it would mean for them - it's her biggest fear.

“Now she's got her baby and she knows that's her baby, her priority is that baby. She will do whatever she has to do to be the mother of that baby.

Via BBC One

She continued: "If Mick can't be part of that, it can only mean one thing for them and that is just devastating. So I think that is why she doesn't want to know, because she's just scared and terrified that it could be Dean's."

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