You’ll never guess what Keanu’s new job is in EastEnders!


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Dare to bare! Keanu prepares to get his kit off as he starts work as a life model!

The cash-strapped Taylors are desperate for anything that will boost their measley income and Keanu has been doing his best to find himself a job now that his apprenticeship has ended.

Well the Taylors fortunes could be about to change because he's in luck....he's only gone and bagged himself a new job as a life model! Yes really, we always thought that his six-pack and finely-honed biceps should be put to good use!

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However, as Keanu prepares to strip naked for his first modelling session, (paintbrushes at the ready everyone!), he is stunned and left feeling more than a little bit sheepish, when Jack Branning's rather gorgeous nanny Ingrid, turns up at the class.

The Taylor clan need cash. Will Keanu's job pay the bills? (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

However, it seems they can both see the funny side and as the pair hit it off, Ingrid takes the plunge and invites Keanu back to Jack's for a drink where it's more than just brush-strokes and water colours the pair are discussing!

Things heat up as the flirty pair pucker up for a kiss but screech to a very abrupt halt when Jack arrives on the scene unexpectedly. What will he make of his children's nanny locking lips with the hunky model and will he be just a little bit jealous. Let's not forget it wasn't so long ago that he and Ingrid enjoyed a kiss on their ill-fated camping trip!

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