EastEnders Spoilers: Halfway returns but what’s he keeping from Whitney?

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EastEnders Spoilers: Monday 30 - Friday 4 May

It's another week filled with drama in soap land and next week Callum 'Halfway' Highway returns to the square but he's keeping a HUGE secret from his girlfriend Whitney Dean.

Meanwhile Max Branning and Phil Mitchell come face to face and Phil's week doesn't get any better after Keanu and his wife Sharon get in a spot of bother.

Elsewhere EastEnders viewers will be left wondering whether Billy and Honey Mitchell reunite following a disastrous birthday party.

Mel Owen and Jack Branning FINALLY get it on but how will her son Hunter react to their pair?

Over to the Fox household, poor Kim is attempting to cope after her husband Vincent left and Kush returns from Dubai with surprising news - but what is it?

Read all of next week's exciting spoilers below...


EastEnders Spoilers: Monday 30 - Friday 4 May 2018 - STACKED

EastEnders Whitney Dean Callum 'Halfway' Highway1 of 10

Halfway returns to the square but what is he hiding?

Next week in EastEnders fans will see the return of Callum "Halfway" Highway but it seems like he's keeping a well-kept secret from Whitney Dean…Whitney is delighted when her boyfriend returns to Walford but as everyone begins to celebrate his return in The Vic, they soon discover that Halfway has been injured. However, Halfway being Halfway makes up a story about typically being clumsy and that's how he got his injury. After he helped the Carter's save The Vic with that ring worth £200k, Mick and Linda ask Halfway to stay in Shirley's room and encourage Whitney and Halfway to spend more time together.

EastEnders Whitney Dean Callum 'Halfway' Highway2 of 10

EastEnders Whitney Dean Callum 'Halfway' Highway

However despite being in a long distance relationship for the past several weeks, it seems that Halfway isn't interested when Whitney attemps to seduce him.Eek! She later tries to seduce her O/H again but begins to feel frustrated when she realises he's keeping something from her. He eventually opens up to Whitney and tells her what's been happening… but is it the truth?When Whitney eventually discovers what Halfway's been hiding she's left shocked – what is it?

EastEnders Phil Mitchell Jay Brown3 of 10

Phil Mitchell and Max Branning come face to face

Following all that drama with Hunter Owen and his daughter Louise Mitchell, next week Phil's back to his old self and wants to be the former successful businessman he once was back in the day.It's not long before he notices the Car Lot is back open but unbeknownst to him, it actually belongs to Max Branning now and not Jay Brown.Eek!The revelation leaves Phil stunned he soon attempts to bribe Max away from Walford but being a changed man (you know after he declared war against all of his neighbours) Max declines the cash and actually puts effort into his business.

EastEnders Phil Mitchell Keanu Taylor4 of 10

Sharon helps Keanu get on Phil's right side

The week doesn't start off great for Keanu; shortly after he comes across Henry - a difficult and rude customer - at The Arches, he asks Sharon for help. Things take a turn for the worse the customer patronises her and she decides to take matters into her own hands and teach him a lesson…Poor Phil's had to deal with the fact that Max Branning runs the car lot and shortly after, Henry confronts him over what's happened with his wife Sharon.

EastEnders Phil Mitchell Keanu Taylor5 of 10

EastEnders Phil Mitchell Keanu Taylor

After Sharon comes clean about what she and Keanu did, Phil is left furious. Later Keanu is taken back when Phil gives him one day to prove his worthy of working at The Arches (after he messes up the books when Phil's away). He and Sharon then decide on a plan to get on Phil's good side – but will it work?

EastEnders Billy Mitchell Mel Owen6 of 10

Billy Mitchell and Honey to reunite?

Next week's it's Billy Mitchell's birthday but he's not in the mood to celebrate especially after his boss Mel Owen is left furious when he messes up at E20. Later both Jack and Woody are surprised at Mel's anger towards her employee but it seems she soon has a change of heart when she plans a surprise birthday party for Billy.

EastEnders Billy Mitchell7 of 10

EastEnders Billy Mitchell

Later, Mel tries to persuade Billy's ex Honey to go to the party but after her plan backfires Billy gives her a piece of his mind for interfering at his party.Eek! Billy then visits Honey and luckily, she lets him spend the rest of his birthday evening with their little ones Janet and William. After a great evening together with Honey and the kids Billy leans in for a kiss, will the pair reunite? Or has Billy taken things one step too far?

EastEnders Mel Owen Hunter Owen8 of 10

Mel Owen and Jack Branning get it on but how will Hunter react?

After throwing Billy his birthday party, attempting to invite Honey to the do and being shocked by Billy's angry outburst it's not long before Mel storms off. She's soon confronted by Jack Branning and as the pair begin to argue, things take a sizzle thing and they're soon ripping each other clothes off… Mel later tries to hide her night with Jack from her soon Hunter but he soon clocks on. How will Hunter react? And is this the beginning of a new romance on the square?

Kim Fox Denise Fox Donna Yates9 of 10

Kim Fox reveals what's really happened to Vincent Hubbard

Following her husband Vincent's exit, poor Kim tries to put on a brave face but is left wondering whether Phil knows more than he's letting on after he gives her money with the excuse that he "bought a car from Vincent".Riiiiight.Later Donna Yates pressures Kim to tell her where her foster brother Vincent is, but Kim snaps and reveals that her husband has left her.

Kim Fox Denise Fox Donna Yates10 of 10

Kush keeps some surprising news from Denise

After going away to Dubai, Kush returns but is shocked to discover that Vincent has left Kim. After the news, he decides to keep his surprising news from his partner Denise. It's not long before she hears the truth from Carmel – but what is it?

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