EastEnders’ Dotty Cotton is returning to the Square – but not as we know her

Dotty Cotton EastEnders

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She was SUCH an evil child

EastEnders fans up and down the country will shudder at the memory of Dotty Cotton, the daughter of 'Nasty' Nick Cotton and granddaughter of Walford legend Dot Cotton. The evil little girl was about 10 when she last appeared in the soap, having grown quite the connection with poor ole Dot.

So when it turned out that she was actually in cahoots with her conman father to KILL Dot and make off with her money, the shock was almost too much for viewers to bear - and the little girl, then played by Molly Conlin, left the Square with her mum, whom she previously thought was dead. Well, this is Walford after all.

John Altman and Molly Conlin as Nick and Dotty Cotton
©John Altman and Molly Conlin as Nick and Dotty Cotton © BBC

However, little Dotty - real name Kirsty - is now returning to Albert Square, albeit with a different face, as is wont to happen on soaps who bring back former child actors. The BBC have revealed that Milly Zero, who is known for her roles on CBBC shows, will be taking on the role this autumn.

dotty cotton

Nine years after she left, Dotty has been living in Wales with her mum, and has been having regular visits from Dot. But of course, things won't be running smoothly with the daughter of Nick, and official press from show bosses says, 'It’s safe to say Dotty’s return spells trouble with a capital T.'

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EastEnders spoilers week 31 2019 stacked

eastenders spoilers sharon phil1 of 29

eastenders spoilers sharon phil

The week begins with an anxious Sharon receiving her DNA test results – who is her baby daddy? Elsewhere Phil asks Ben to help out with running E20 to reduce Sharon's workload.

eastenders spoilers sharon phil2 of 29

eastenders spoilers sharon phil

He's reluctant at first but after arriving at the club he makes an intriguing discovery when he stumbles upon some interesting paperwork… Ben agrees to help out at E20 and ends up celebrating with Lola Pearce.

eastenders spoilers sharon phil3 of 29

eastenders spoilers sharon phil

Keanu is stunned when he discovers Phil is still involved with dodgy business contacts and ends up riling his boss up when he tells him to stop for the sake of their unborn children.

eastenders spoilers sharon phil4 of 29

eastenders spoilers sharon phil

Phil completely disregards Keanu's opinion which results in Louise's boyfriend taking matters into his own hands… A furious Phil then threatens Keanu in front of everyone at The Vic.

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eastenders spoilers sharon phil

The drama doesn't stop there though because when Sharon misunderstands a conversation with Ben she ends up putting her foot in it by revealing Keanu will now get Ben's inheritance money.

eastenders spoilers sharon phil6 of 29

eastenders spoilers sharon phil

Seeing red, Ben rings Keanu and tells him to meet at The Arches. Over at The Vic, Phil spots a drunken Kat mocking him about the stolen money. She then tries to backtrack but is shaken when Phil threatens her son Tommy Moon.

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eastenders spoilers sharon phil

When Phil arrives at The Vic, all hell breaks loose following the dodgy deals and inheritance money and he ends up getting in a fight.

eastenders spoilers sharon phil8 of 29

eastenders spoilers sharon phil

He tries to get the upper hands but when he loses control he's left serious injured… Left for dead, the people involved try to cover their tracks but how far will they go to keep their names clean?

eastenders spoilers sharon phil9 of 29

eastenders spoilers sharon phil

The week ends with Phil's life hanging in the balance? Is this the end of the infamous resident on the Square? Or will he manage to fight through his latest trauma?

eastenders spoilers ruby stacey10 of 29

eastenders spoilers ruby stacey

Over to the Slater household and Ruby is thrown when Max reveals Stacey isn't happy of them dating. She's determined to figure out what's wrong with her BFF and decides to invite her and Martin on a double lunch date.

eastenders spoilers martin max ruby11 of 29

eastenders spoilers martin max ruby

Over at the restaurant, the atmosphere changes as Ruby and Stacey can't remain civil. An annoyed Ruby decides to confront her pal – but what will she say?

eastenders spoilers martin max12 of 29

eastenders spoilers martin max

Martin feels unable to be about his wife's ex-lover and storms off home. Back at theirs he asks whether Stacey still has feelings for Max and tells her she needs to prove it if she wants their marriage to work.

eastenders spoilers martin13 of 29

eastenders spoilers martin

On Martin's birthday he's feeling anything but ecstatic and is in no mood to celebrate so he rushes off to work. When Kush Kazemi notices his friend's dampen mood he offers to take him out for a drink with Kat.

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eastenders spoilers martin

Stacey goes to spend time with her husband on his birthday but is fuming when she finds him celebrating with Kat and it's not long before Ruby and Max arrive at The Vic.

eastenders spoilers kat15 of 29

eastenders spoilers kat

Kat continues to try and keep peace with Stacey, but the latter is having none of it. It's not long before Martin snaps at his wife and storms off.

eastenders spoilers chantelle atkins mitch baker16 of 29

eastenders spoilers chantelle atkins mitch baker

Chantelle Aktins is still furious with her dad for punching Gray last week and fails to turn up to work.

eastenders spoilers chantelle atkins gray atkins17 of 29

eastenders spoilers chantelle atkins gray atkins

Karen pleas with her daughter to make things right with her dad but Chantelle refuses.Later on Gray tries to cheer his wife up with a surprise.

eastenders spoilers bailey baker18 of 29

eastenders spoilers bailey baker

Meanwhile Keegan Baker helps his little sister Bailey Baker out with her new school project – recycling – and Bernadette Taylor finds Karen on a date with Caren.

eastenders spoilers bernadette taylor19 of 29

eastenders spoilers bernadette taylor

Bernie grows frustrated as Karen and Caren continue to date and when she gets her mum alone she forces her to think about what she's doing.

eastenders spoilers karen taylor20 of 29

eastenders spoilers karen taylor

When Bernadette leaves, Karen is taken aback when Caren suggests they go back to the Taylor house as everyone is out… The pair later share their first kiss.

eastenders spoilers rainie21 of 29

eastenders spoilers rainie

Bobby Beale refuses to care for Rainie so she turns to Stuart, when he arrives he's left worried about her taking painkillers.

eastenders spoilers rainie22 of 29

eastenders spoilers rainie

Despite his concerns, they pair continue to bond and Stuart suggests they go on a date. After agreeing, Stuart is left questioning where to take her and realises it might be harder than he originally thought.

eastenders spoilers rainie23 of 29

eastenders spoilers rainie

Bobby struggles being in the house constantly and offers to help out at the restaurant – Ian agrees but how will the rest of the employees react?

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eastenders spoilers rainie

Stuart takes Rainie out for dinner but as he continues to worry about her behaviour, he decides to change his plan and ends up taking her to the Community Centre.

eastenders spoilers rainie25 of 29

eastenders spoilers rainie

A confused Rainie is then left hurt when Stuart takes her to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting where he confesses he's worried about her. Back at home, Rainie snaps at him.

eastenders spoilers adam honey habiba26 of 29

eastenders spoilers adam honey habiba

Meanwhile Adam tries to make things right with Habiba by asking her out on a date but he panics when he returns home and finds a half-dressed Honey suggesting they spend time together.

eastenders spoilers adam honey habiba27 of 29

eastenders spoilers adam honey habiba

At first Adam tries to get out of spending time with her but when Honey begins to get suspicious he ends up cancelling his plans with Habiba. Habiba is left gutted when Adam cancels their date and things take an awkward turn when he arrives at the restaurant alongside Honey.

eastenders spoilers adam honey habiba28 of 29

eastenders spoilers adam honey habiba

Habiba has had enough and confronts Adam and demands to know why he's still with Honey. Over at the Ahmeds, Adam seems a glam looking Iqra and despite things still being frosty between them he puts her on the spot and questions who she's going to meet.

eastenders spoilers sheree29 of 29

eastenders spoilers sheree

Milly said, "I am honestly so excited to be playing Dotty Cotton and joining the E20 family. Especially playing alongside June Brown, who I have been watching on my telly since I was a young girl.

"Her and Dotty have such an interesting relationship to explore with a complicated history, so I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. It all feels very surreal and I am buzzing already!"

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Executive Producer Jon Sen said: "We’re all super-excited to welcome Dotty back to the Square – sharp-witted and with an eye for human weakness, she’s not afraid to say what she thinks.

"We are also thrilled that Milly will be taking on the role – her versatility as an actress and ability to capture Dotty’s blend of sass, intelligence and vulnerability ensure that Dotty will return with a bang this autumn."

EastEnders airs on Mondays and Fridays at 8pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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